China’s ‘sleeper spies’ apply for UK special visa aimed at Hong Kong citizens – report

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Chinese “sleeper spies” have applied for British National (Overseas) visas, according to Government sources. Sleeper spies are agents that infiltrate a country to stay there in the long term as a potential asset in the future.

The source told the Times: “There are stringent background checks in place for the visa applications — and they’re in place for a reason.

“The vetting process for the BNO visa scheme is much more thorough than any other.”

Lord Patten of Barnes, the last governor of Hong Kong, warned about the possibility China would try to infiltrate the UK.

He said: “We are dealing with a totalitarian state which uses informers.

“If anybody has fears that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will seek to place informers and people who will steal security secrets in open societies then they are entirely justified.

“We should get real about this.”

Earlier this year, Hong Kong’s Chinese rulers have told foreign consulates to refuse British travel documents sparking tensions between Beijing and the UK.

A letter from the Hong Kong government has informed several foreign consulates it no longer accepted the the British National Overseas (BNO) passport as an approved document as of January this year.

They said a Hong Kong passport would be required instead.

But a senior Western diplomat clarified that most nations will “ignore” the demand and said Hong Kong has “no right” to tell other territories what passports they can recognise.

They said: “Most countries are going to ignore this.

“It is the Hong Kong government just trying it on.

“They have no right to tell any state what foreign passports it can recognise.”

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