China second wave horror: China rocked by biggest spike in COVID-19 cases for three months

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Officials announced 101 new cases in China with 89 of those found in Xinjiang which is home to a large amount of people from the Uighur ethnic minority. Concerns are increasing about China facing a second wave of the deadly virus after overcoming the initial outbreak which began in Wuhan.

The Xinjiang region in north west China has began mass testing and introduced quarantine measures due to the spike of infections.

The news comes after China has been accused of placing a million Uighur Muslims into “re-education” camps.

Beijing has strongly denied the claims made against them.

Experts are concerned the coronavirus could break out into the camps especially now COVID-19 has peaked in the north-western region.

Dr Anna Hayes, senior lecturer in politics and international relations has said she fears an outbreak in the camps was only “a matter of time, if it hasn’t happened already.”

China had successfully controlled transition of the virus in the country through targeted measures and travel restrictions.

But recent outbreaks have emerged in different parts of the country.

The Chinese government has also been focusing on containing an outbreak of the virus linked to a seafood company based in the city of Dalian.

The company has temporarily closed its operations for COVID-19 tests.

Chinese health authorities announced on Sunday they will test all six million residents of Dalian.

Last week, 52 new cases were confirmed in the major port city with 30 of those being people who worked at the factory.

Imported seafood in China has come under scrutiny after three Ecuadorian shrimp companies had their export licenses revoked when traces of the virus were found on packaging and inside a shipping container.

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More than three million people have been tested for COVID-19 in Dalian.

Chinese officials shut down enclosed public venues including bars, gyms, libraries, museums, restaurants and spas.

Dalian authorities are using similar targeted approaches to those Beijing used after more than 300 people became infected in the capital city in June.

The approach targets different districts of the city based on their risk levels.

Local Dalian authorities said contact tracing has been stepped up and some bus routes have stopped running.


At least nine other Chinese cities have also reported COVID-19 cases which link to the northeastern city of Dalian.

Beijing’s health commission reported a new confirmed infection after more than three weeks in the capital which they said was found to be linked to Dalian.

In total, 84,060 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in China since the start of the pandemic.

Of those cases, 482 remain hospitalised in the country.

There have been 4,634 reported coronavirus related deaths in China.

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