Chilling stalker killed entire family and ‘lived with corpses after rejection’

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Earlier this month an evil stalker was jailed for life after he brutally killed a mum and her two daughters in their own home.

Kim Tae-hyun committed the heinous crimes in March and reportedly spent three days with the corpses where he lived off the family’s food.

The sicko wanted to avenge a 25-year-old woman who blocked him on social media and did so by killing her and her family.

The victim had once posted a picture online containing her address which eventually led the killer to her front door in Seoul, South Korea.

Tae-hyun publically apologised on live TV but he was convicted of murder, theft, harrassment, breaking and entering and misusing communications networks this month.

Here we take a look at the extraordinary case that shocked the nation.

Firstly, as is normal in South Korea, the names of the victims were not released.

Tae-hyun meanwhile led an unassuming life but was involved in some notorious incidents – including once being fined for harassing somebody over social media.

He was also once axed from his job in a gaming cafe after being suspected of sealing money.

But he took his crimes to another level after meeting his next victim.

Like Tae-hyun, she was a huge gamer and would frequent gaming cafes and play League of Legends with friends.

And last Christmas, she met up with some of her gaming community pals.

But this time there was a new face, Tae-hyun.

The loner soon became obsessed with her and started to develop feelings.

Unfortunately for him, the feelings were never mutual and she rejected his advances.

Replacing his feelings with anger, Tae-hyun initiated a relentless campaign of harassment.

He would leave her calls, texts and voicemails before she eventually decided to block him.

But the creep found her new phone number and set up fake social media accounts so he could follow what she was up to online.

Tae-hyun, who lived alone in a basement apartment, started to make a sinister plan.

Before turning into a killer, he searched things on the internet like ‘Emergency places to hide’ and ‘How to kill a person quickly’.

Then, on March 21, 2020, Tae-hyun struck.

He knew where his target lived because of the old photo on her social media revealing a box with her address on.

Armed with weapons, he arrived at the apartment complex posing as a delivery driver.

He was asked to leave the package outside, but he stayed silent and hidden until the door was opened minutes later.

Opening the door was the target’s younger sister, 22, and the killer pushed his way in and stabbed her to death.

Later that night, the mum returned but was brutally taken out by Tae-hyun.

And one hour later, the woman he had been stalking arrived to find the bodies of her mum and sister.

She suffered the same fate and was stabbed in the neck like her loved ones.

Tae-hyun stayed in the home for three days where he ate their food and drank their alcohol.

The cold-hearted killer attempted to self-harm but was unsuccessful.

Friends of the victim called the police after 72 hours who were shocked to find the killer living amongst three dead bodies.

Despite a public apology, he was jailed for life for the three murders.

Prosecutors had sought the death penalty but this was rejected in court.

The surviving family members are considering asking for an appeal against the sentence, believing life behind bars does not fit the magnitude of the gruesome crimes.

Since the chilling case rocked South Korea, the country passed a bill that will see convicted stalkers being able to be jailed for up to five years rather than the previous maximum of 29 days.

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