Burnley man gets tattoo of kebab on ankle after week of drinking in Zante

A man from Burnley had a holiday to remember in Zante after he suffered a series of misfortunes before returning home with a kebab tattoed on his ankle.

Appearing on Channel 4's Party Island, Conner and his friend Harry attempted to soak up the best parts of the island's notorious nightlife with hilarious results.

Things started off poorly for the pair from the outset when Conner was detained for using a passport he had reported as lost.

At that point, he admitted to 'sh**ting himself' but thankfully the mistake was cleaned up and the boys were on the way.

After a week of attempting to market themselves to the ladies and getting far too drunk for their livers to handle, the pair hit upon an idea on their final breakfast on the island.

While tucking into a Gyros, Conner said: "I'm going to start a new tradition, if you're on holiday abroad, get a tattoo."

After consulting his friends back home and filtering out some of the more obscene suggestions, Conner decided to get something that really mattered to him plastered on his leg forever – a kebab.

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Ever the mate, Conner's friend Harry escorted him to the tattoo parlour and sat back to enjoy the show.

Before going under the needle, the Burnley man admitted he was nervous about the pain.

He said: "I'm a tattoo virgin, I don't know what it will feel like."

Well as his subsequent performance showed in the operating chair, it wasn't very nice at all.

The excruciating process saw Conner wriggle and writhe and reach out to his best friend for comfort, with him later admitting it was the "worst pain" of his life.

He even asked if the tattoo artist specialised in tattoo removal, perhaps indicating a change of heart?

Still, he can be pleased with the finished product which, if you were pushed to praise you'd say definitely looks like a kebab and little else.

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