BTK killer’s drawings released for first time as cops hope to uncover murders

The sickening drawings of Dennis Rader, otherwise known as the BTK Killer, were released for the first time as investigators hunt down more murder leads.

Law enforcement officials believe the 78-year-old could be responsible for several cold cases, and are asking members of the public to help identify drawing locations.

Barns and farms featured in the pictures drawn by the BTK killer are being looked over by members of the public as police attempt to tie Rader to a murder from 1976.

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The BTK killer is the "prime suspect" in the case of murdered teen Cynthia Dawn Kinney in Oklahoma, United States, after his last known location in 1976 was a nearby laundromat.

Disturbing new drawings were released for the first time, with police making the images available to the public for the first time.

The pictures, which were recovered back at the time of Rader's arrest in 2005, prompted Osage County Sheriff Eddie Virden to continue the search, and they may have found one barn, CNN reported.

Sheriff Virden said: "We’re hoping that releasing these, someone might recognize one of these barns or the unique features in them, or the closeness of the silo to the barn or possibly might have even found items that they didn’t know why were there that could be very important in this case.

"Even if the barn’s not there anymore. We would still like that information."

Communications between Rader and daughter Rawson revealed the potential new hiding spots for otherwise unnamed victims.

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Rawson said: "My father did drafting at our house, he drew up plans for the gardens.

"And my dad needed to always be outside and be in the air and winter was hard for him. And so we had to find things for him to do because when he got inside and he was too cooped up, he would get all angry."

One particular drawing was linked to a 1991 disappearance of an unnamed woman, who is seen in a drawing wearing a green dress, bound with rope and sat on a hay bale.

Investigators are now racing against time as they claim Rader is "rotting" behind bars.

Rawson added: "He has scoliosis very severe. He’s in a wheelchair, he has no teeth left, so he doesn’t even look like he has a jaw.

"He went from this like vivacious man that was hiking with me right before he was arrested, to like an elderly man, you know, his legs wrapped with like bandages."

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