Brushing teeth in the shower, sleeping in gym gear and other top time hacks

Brushing your teeth in the shower and putting deodorant on during the commute are some of the top ways to save time.

Other ‘time hacks’ include checking emails during your breakfast, completing "life admin" at lunch and sleeping in gym gear.

And styling your hair on your way to work can also give you more free time to yourself, researchers say.

A study found millennials save an average of 10 minutes a day – or 52 minutes a week – by multi-tasking in the morning before work.

While nearly 60% brush their teeth while showering, almost a quarter use the time to drink their tea or coffee.

A third admit to sleeping in the next day’s make up or hair style to save themselves time, while a quarter kip in their gym clothes ahead of their morning workout.

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Four in ten women do their make up on their daily commute, with 36% of men using the time to get their hair in shape.

The survey by Kellogg’s also found men are more likely to multi-task, with 61% regularly doing it compared to 54% of women.

A company spokesman said: “We know millennials are busier than ever and looking at ways to ‘time-hack’ or ‘task-fuse’ – basically get more done.”

The top ways to save time by multi-tasking are:

1. Checking emails while eating breakfast – 10 minutes saved

2. Brushing your teeth in the shower – two minutes saved

3. Prepping for work or planning your day in the shower – 15 minutes saved

4. Catching up on news while commuting – five minutes saved

5. Completing ‘life admin’ on your lunch break – 20 minutes saved

6. Applying perfume, aftershave or deodorant on the commute – two minutes saved

7. Catching up on TV whilst commuting – 30 minutes saved

8. Styling hair on the commute – 10 minutes saved

9. Applying make-up on the commute – 10 minutes saved

10. Sleeping in gym gear ahead of morning workout – five minutes saved

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