Brits embark on ‘stupid adventure’ from Scotland to India in 23-year-old car

Three adventurous best pals have set off on what has been described as a 'slightly stupid' road trip which will see them drive 9,000 miles from Scotland to India.

Joe Fisher, 23, from Croydon, and his accomplices Daniel Patton and Callum Kitson, both 22, are already partway through an epic journey spanning 20 countries, having set off on July 11 from Duncasby Head Lighthouse – the most northeasterly point of the British mainland.

The group are making the journey in a tiny 23-year-old blue Mazda with no air conditioning they bought for £1,050 and selected simply because it was 'inconvenient', and are kitted out with a GPS, three sleeping bags and seven pairs of boxers each, MyLondon reports.

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They hope to reach Kanyakumari, in the very south of India, in four months' time.

Business graduate Daniel, who was born in Bristol but now lives in Auckland, New Zealand, said: "This is going to be quite an epic journey. I can’t think of anyone who has done anything like this at our ages. It’s the adventure of a lifetime. It’s slightly stupid but something we will always remember.

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"We just wanted to do something completely crazy and we wanted to do something beyond just backpacking around Europe. We all have family in the UK, but we picked Scotland as it was really far from India and was really inconvenient."

The intrepid trio, nicknamed 'Kiwis Don't Fly', were all born in England before moving to New Zealand as children and met while at secondary school. They started planning the crazy adventure in lockdown.

This isn't the first trip they've embarked on together – the group backpacked across Southeast Asia between 2018 and 2019 and again in 2020, and have also driven 1,265 miles from the northern tip of New Zealand to the southern tip in January 2021.

Daniel said: "We have always loved going outdoors, and camping, and just going on adventures. But after two years in lockdown, we wanted to do something big and have an experience to make up for all the time lost."

The trio flew to England in preparation for the trip in June and immediately had to fork out around £1800 to insure the car and themselves to blaze across two continents.

They don't expect the monster journey to be cheap either, with Daniel estimating they'll spend another £15,000 on the trip for costs including fuel, food, car servicing, visas, and of course, beer.

But the lads are hoping to save as much money as they can and plan to spend most nights 'looking up at the stars' in their sleeping bags on any soft patch of land they can find near their parked car.

Daniel continued: "We have saved up quite a lot of money for a rainy day, but we are hoping do it all on a budget.

"My family were definitely sceptical about our plans but once they saw how much time we put into planning it, I think they have come around to it more."

Already the brave boys have travelled around 2,200 miles, spanning nine of the twenty countries so far – UK, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, and now Croatia.


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