Britain’s most traumatised dog finds forever home after being scared of everyone

For months nobody showed an interest in adopting Britain's most traumatised dog Percy but now she has finally settled into her forever home.

The adorable little pooch was left so frightened by what is expected to have been an awful past that he was scared of every single person she met.

The one-year-old pop spent two months in a rescue centre being overlooked – with not a single soul showing an interest in him.

However, this was until a fortnight ago when the dog's life changed forever and his forever family came forward to rescue him and give him the best life from now on.

It comes after the rehoming centre, Oakwood Dog Rescue, put out an appeal in GrimsByLive which saw 150 come forward wanting to adopt Percy.

A spokesperson from Oakwood Dog Rescue said: "Percy went to his forever home. He’s doing well because he is following their existing dog and getting confidence from her."

Percy's new owner Maggie, from Grimsby, says she rehomed the little guy because she wanted her dog to have a friend.

She said: "I’m really pleased with how he has managed in his first 24 hours."

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Maggie continued: "He has claimed his part of the sofa.

"He happily pops out to the garden and trots back in."

Maggie also said little Percy has been getting the bravery already to eat treats from out of her hand.

She added: "He hasn’t been distressed by anything in the house and had a really quiet night.

"We’re getting up to double figures with the tail wags."

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In the hopes of helping Percy find his forever family, Quality Canines stepped up to offer the person who rehomed him with free dog training and behaviour consultations.

Maggie added: "It’s kind of them to offer and he’ll definitely be going to training once he's confident enough.

"Since we're only 15 minutes from Grimsby – it's a great offer."

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