Brit couple receive Queen’s ‘last signature’ just one day before tragic passing

A Reddit user claimed their grandparents had received one of the Queen's final signatures before she tragically died on Thursday (September 8).

In the since-deleted post from Friday, a user took to the CasualUK subreddit to share the news – but others questioned whether the signature really was one of Her Majesty's last.

The user explained their grandparents had celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary the day before the monarch's passing and had received their congratulatory card in the nick of time.

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The post read: "My grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary yesterday and received their card from the queen a day before. Got to be one of her last signatures. RIP".

However, others pointed out that the signature was unfortunately probably not done by the Queen herself.

Another user replied: "I have my parents' sixtieth wedding anniversary card from the anniversaries office in Buckingham Palace, unfortunately it is not a true signature, it's a facsimile, if the departed Queen had to sign all the cards she would have never done anything else".

But a third said that even though the signature was just a copy of the real thing, it was still an important keepsake from her reign.

"Still, a QE2-marked document from the day she died," they added. "'Branding' will have all changed now".

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The Queen famously sent out birthday cards to Brits who reached their 100th birthday, but those who reached 105 or more were also entitled to personal well-wishes from Her Majesty.

Couples who were married for 60, 65 and 70 years also got a card from the monarch, and once they reached 70 years together could then get a card for every year of marriage after that.

Queen Elizabeth II tragically died earlier this week at the age of 96 as close family rushed to be by her side at Balmoral Palace.

The new King, Charles III, gave his first official address to the nation last night, where he said goodbye to his "darling mama" and "renewed" her vow to dedicate his life to the service of his people.

Her Majesty's coffin will lie in state to give grieving Brits a final chance to say goodbye before her funeral on September 19, which will then be followed by another seven days of mourning.

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