Bride who died of heart attack during her wedding is replaced by younger sister

After a bride died of a sudden heart attack on her wedding day, her family shockingly substituted her younger sister rather than call off the wedding altogether.

The young bride, Hetal, was set to wed Vishal, son of Ranabhai Butabhai Algotar of Nari village in the Indian state of Gujarat.

But as the elaborate ceremony began, Hetal complained of feeling dizzy and then suddenly fainted. Her relatives rushed her to hospital, where doctors said she had died of a heart attack.

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But rather than scrap the wedding, Hetal’s father – a local man named Jinabhai Rathore – suggested that Vishal marry his other daughter instead.

According to local news site Hindi Latest, the tragic would-be bride’s body was stored in a mortuary refrigerator at the hospital until the ceremony was over.

The extraordinary incident may not be as unusual as you might think.

In January 2021, the Daily Star reported on a double wedding in Karnataka, India that nearly fell apart after one of the two grooms decided to jilt his bride at the altar.

But one of the wedding guests stepped in to save the day.

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A man named Chandrappa, who works as a conductor for the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation – agreed to marry Sindhu, the heartbroken bride-to be.

It was later revealed that her original groom, Ashok, had a secret girlfriend who had reportedly threatened turn up to the wedding venue and drink poison rather than allow her lover to go through with the ceremony.

And a couple of years before that, another Indian bride, from Sironj city of Madhya Pradesh, eloped with the man who had been hired to conduct the ceremony.

In that case the priest, a man named Vinod Maharaj who was already married and had two children, didn't just take the 21-year-old bride.

The happy couple made off with jewellery worth 150,000 rupees (just over £1,500) and just over 30,000 rupees (around £300) in cash.

An investigation later revealed that the runaway bride had been in a romantic relationship with the priest for two years.

So if you’re looking for a bit of drama and excitement, an Indian wedding seems a good place to start.


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