Brave Ukrainians celebrate as they take a joyride on seized Russian tank

A group of Ukrainians was filmed chanting in high spirits as they took a joyride on a Russian tank that was left abandoned in the field.

Dramatic video footage shared on social media shows the local resistance forces in Slatyne, an urban settlement region in the Kharkiv Oblast driving a T-80BVM Russian battle tank.

The men are seen sitting on top of the tank – three on the fender, one in the hatch and another next to the main gun – as they shout jubilantly in Ukrainian.

"We did it!" one says while his pal shouts: "Glory to Ukraine!"

A third adds: "We succeeded, now this tank will serve Ukraine."

This came as another video showed a group of farmers setting a £12million Russian missile system on fire in a field after the Russian soldiers allegedly fled like "rats".

Images of burning the Pantsir-C missile system were shared by Boris Filatov, 49, mayor of the city of Dnipro, who wrote: "I usually cannot stand victorious scene, sabre-rattling and hat throwing.

"War is terrible grief, but these people (farmers) cannot be defeated.

"Today, collective farmers from Bashtanka, without realising it, took and burned the latest Pantsir-C system worth USD $15 million."

Ukraine’s defence ministry said yesterday (Wednesday, March 2) that the ministry has taken a decision to hand over captured Russian troops to their mums "if they come to collect them in Kyiv, Ukraine".

The decision was made as online videos showed prisoners of war sobbing, saying "we don’t want this war" and claiming they were used like "cannon fodder" by commanders.

One injured soldier said: "This is not our war. Mothers and wives, collect your husbands. There is no need to be here."

Ukraine’s defence chiefs have also launched a “Come back alive from Ukraine” hotline offering support for parents of Russian soldiers killed or captured.

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