Boy, 7, pens heartbreaking letter to Father Christmas from shelter

Thousands of people have shown their support after a heartbreaking letter to Santa by a seven-year-old boy has gone viral.

When little Blake wrote his annual letter, he probably didn't expect that so many people would end up reading it.

But his mum found the letter in his backpack, and it struck such a nerve that the domestic violence shelter the family are staying at posted it to their social media pages, 7 News reports.

The tear-jerking letter outlines Blake and his family had to go through at the hands of his abusive father.

In the letter, Blake said the family had to leave their house because "dad was mad".

He said the family had to do all the chores around the house, and that "dad got everything he wanted".

The seven-year-old asks Santa for a compass and a watch, and also requests some books and a dictionary.

Tragically, Blake also asks for "a very very very good dad."

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The tragic letter touched hearts around the world after it was shared thousands of times.

Kathryn Jacob, the CEO of the non-profit shelter, SafeHaven, in Texas, USA, said about the letter: “We never anticipated it would get the kind of attention that it has gotten."

Since the shelter posted it to their Facebook page, donations and Christmas presents for the kids staying at the shelter have poured in from members of the public.

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Kathryn said they run into similar situations often at the shelter, which serves the areas of Dallas and Fort Worth in Texas.

She said: “To us, it was kind of a story that we’ve heard all the time.

“Like tonight, we have 73 kids in the shelter. So Blake is just one of many.”

Kathryn said the staff at the shelter were moved by the response in some of the comments from women who are survivors of domestic violence.

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“One in three women in Texas will experience domestic violence in their lifetime,” she explained.

“Even though we inherently know that, what has been remarkable to us is the number of women commenting on those stories saying they can relate.”

She said Blake and his mum have been at the shelter since around Thanksgiving and would likely be there over Christmas.

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