Boozed-up coscripted Russians smash bus driving them to military unit

Russian conscripts smashed up a bus that was driving them to a military unit to prepare to fight on the Ukrainian front line.

In a video posted to the pro-Ukraine social media site Telegram, a large bus was seen sitting stationary in a field with a hole smashed through its front window as dumbfounded onlookers watched on, unsure of what to do.

A police vehicle had also arrived on the scene and it seemed the incident was being investigated.

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The clip was captioned: "Drunk Russian mobs smashed the bus on which they were going to the military unit" along with a smiling emoji.

The video was posted by the now-notorious Cargo 200 channel, which shares clips from the Russia-Ukraine war including attacks on Russian forces.

The video has been viewed 33k times on the social media platform, and similar videos have been shared ample times since Vladimir Putin's partial mobilisation was announced last week (September 21).

In a video shared on Twitter just two days after the Russian despot's announcement, boozed-up conscripts were seen standing around in a field and holding their hands up in seeming despair.

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The user who shared the clip captioned it: "Current status of Russian mobilisation: Russian conscripts are currently standing in fields, getting drunk, asking questions like: 'What are we going for? Where are going?'

"The response from a fellow conscript? 'F*** knows!' #StandWithUkraine".

These are just some of a swathe of adverse reactions following Putin's announcement of a partial mobilisation and partial conscription, which will see around 300,000 more men sent to fight on the front lines in Ukraine.

Earlier this week, furious new recruits were filmed beating an army commander who had called them "meat for slaughter" in another video posted to Telegram.

Meanwhile thousands have fled the country in a bid to dodge conscription, with the Kremlin threatening to close the borders and capture would-be escapees earlier this week.

TV presenter Olga Skabeeva said during a Russia One broadcast that "mobile military enlistment offices" would be installed close to border crossing points to stop the swathes of men attempting to cross the border.

"There are some members of the public who run – let them run," Skabeeva added.

"The Defence Ministry said we won’t try to catch anyone.

"It has been announced that at the point of departure from the Russian Federation, for those attempting to cross the border into Georgia at the Lars checkpoint, a mobile military enlistment office will be rolled out.

"That’s for those who really want to get away."

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