Bombs sent to Ukraine embassy in Spain and factory could be connected

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Letter bombs sent to Ukraine’s embassy in Madrid and a weapons factory could be connected, Spanish police have claimed. The device sent to the Spanish capital resulted in an officer from the Ukrainian embassy being hospitalised after he opened the letter which was addressed to the ambassador.

Kyiv responded by ordering representative offices abroad to receive greater security.

Police in Spain activated its anti-terror protocol and cut off the area, according to MailOnline.

Bomb disposal experts and sniffer dogs were also at the scene.

Responding to the incident on Ukrainian news site European Pravda, ambassador Serhii Pohoreltsev said: “The package contained a box, which raised the commandant’s suspicions and he decided to take it outside – with no-one in the vicinity – and open it.

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“After opening the box and hearing a click that followed, he tossed it and then heard the explosion… Despite not holding the box at the time of the explosion, the commandant hurt his hands and received a concussion.”

Mr Pohoreltsev later told Spanish TV network TVE that he was working as usual at the embassy “with no fear”.

He added: “We have instructions from the ministry in Ukraine that given the situation we have to be prepared for any kind of incident… any kind of Russian activities outside the country.”

A subsequent update from Kyiv’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba revealed that the embassy staffer’s life was not at risk.

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He added: “Whoever is behind this explosion, they will not succeed in intimidating Ukrainian diplomats or stopping their daily work to strengthen Ukraine and to counter Russian aggression.”

Officials in Madrid also claimed that the officer had only suffered a “very small wound” on one finger.

Shortly after the incident, an arms company in Zaragoza received a similar package.

Instalaza provides Ukraine with C90 rocket-propelled grenade launchers which have been donated by Spain.

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Zaragoza representative Rosa Serrano reportedly told the radio station SER that the two envelopes could have been sent by the same person.

It was suggested that the sender could be the same as the same email address written on the back of both.

However, according to MailOnline, Ms Serrano claimed that the envelope to Zaragoza appeared to have come from Ukraine.

The Spanish High Court launched a probe into the attacks as it could be a terrorist incident, a judicial source claimed.

The investigation will be overseen by a judge in Spain’s Audiencia Nacional court.

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