Blokes ‘scale town Christmas tree’ and mount reindeer to horror of locals

Residents of an Irish town looked on in horror and disgust last night as two blokes clambered up its 30ft Christmas tree and damaged its expensive lights.

The Christmas Lights Committee of Baltinglass in County Wicklow claim their decorations cost a total of €4,000 (£3413), according to the Irish Mirror.

Footage of the incident shows the tree wobbling under the weight of the men as they scale its height in the daft stunt.

The committee, formed of local residents who help organise and put up the display, responded by hitting out at the 'criminal vandalism' which was has reportedly blighted the tall tree four years in a row.

A statement on Facebook read: “We are absolutely horrified and so disheartened this evening with what we have seen over social media from last night. Our tree was vandalised again this year from the video we can see 2 people climb to the top.”

They also revealed that the lights were broken again after having only just been fixed from storms which hit Ireland and the UK earlier this month, writing: “The tree lights are broken and is not lighting it is only up 2 weeks survived storm barra just to be ruined by people coming out from the pub.."

“It had taken the volunteers 7weeks out most nights in the cold to put up the Christmas lights for our community."

The committee said they would now forward the matter to the Gardai (police) after being left with "no choice" because of the persistence of the incidents.

Another recent incident in the town saw a man brazenly leap out of a pub's second floor window and successfully mount a reindeer ornament that had been bolted to the exterior.

Onlookers are seen cheering the man on as he finds his way atop the structure in the footage.

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