Bloke told to ‘get divorced’ after people share horror at wife’s first fry up

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A bloke has been brutally ridiculed online after he posted a picture of a fry-up lovingly made for him by his wife.

Posted with the caption “First ever fry up made by my lovely wife” followed by a love heart emoji, Nicholas Dorney’s post has found little love online.

Cooked breakfast enthusiasts on the hugely popular Rate My Fry Up ! Facebook page were quick to chime in with their thoughts, which can only be described as brutal.

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The group, which puts its second rule as “be kind and courteous” has become a popular spot for both the highs and lows of the cooked breakfast world, showcasing the best it has to offer and its most depraved.

A regular poster in the group, Nicholas has shared images of many fine fry-ups, said to have been found in restaurants in Dubai.

This time though, he decided to share one that was a little bit more personal, one he had tucked into during the early days of his marriage.

Nicholas wrote in the comments that the photograph is four years old, but that he was just posting it now. The people of Rate My Fry Up ! however clearly didn’t feel the same affection for it.

“Hopefully they last as well by the looks of this monstrosity”, said one.

“Bloody hell that's grim the bacon is mucky, the eggs burnt, raw beans in a teacup don't make up for fact ya can't cook”, said another.

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Another chimed in with “Cooked with a hand grenade”, and someone else with “Coffee looks ropey.”

One comment was particularly vile: “dude lol, I saw less burnt flesh in a house fire, cold beans and rubber eggs ur for the cold a*se treatment lol”.

Some advice was a little more constructive, although many people had an issue with the beans in a mug.

One said: “Mate. Thumbs up for a first time. Only feedback would be the cup is generally used for a beverage. Suggest tea or coffee.”

Another added: “It’s a fair first attempt. Baste the eggs and use the cup for tea 6/10”.

But despite some kinder words in there, calls for divorce were a particularly popular reaction – although there appeared to be some disagreement over whether she was trying to get rid of him or if he needed to take matters into his own hands.

“Looks like your getting a divorce”, said one user.

“Terrible raw eggs burnt bacon nah divorce defo” another chimed in.

“Do as I did… DIVORCE sorry.. that looks shocking 5/10”, said a third.

Questioning whether the fry-up was an intentional attempt by his wife to force separation, one said: “Is she looking for a divorce?”

Then, finally, one divorce call seemed to finally land the fatal blow. A user wrote: “get a divorce mate”.

Nicholas responded, “only been married two mins”.

Then, perhaps succumbing to the pressure put on by the intense comments the user said: “Nicholas Dorney get rid while you can mate”.

Nicholas, broken at this point, said: “might bloody have to”.

The Daily Star has approached Nicholas for comment. The status of his marriage is unknown.

What are your thoughts on Nicholas' fry-up? Let us know in the comments.


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