Bloke told he can’t register for new ID card because he’s been dead for 25 years

A man who wanted to get a new ID card was denied because he was told he had been dead for over two decades.

Ong-art Boonyarit, 65, from Nakhon Sawan, Thailand, was told by his local district office that he had died in 1997.

The situation hadn’t caused him any problems and he had been living blissfully unaware that he was actually dead, until he went to get his ID renewed in 2013.

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That's when municipal records told the 65-year-old that he was in fact dead, having passed away from lung inflammation at the Central Chest Institute of Thailand in Nonthaburi province on November 5, 1997.

He was told that a request for a death certificate for one Ong-art Boonyarit had been submitted by a man called Chuchart Detkla and that a funeral had even been held in Wat Mahabut (Mae Nak) in Bangkok on November 6 of the same year.

Ong-art said that he didn't know a Mr Chuchart, the Bangkok Post reports, but because he didn’t have an ID he lost all of his rights as a Thai citizen including his welfare benefits and old-age pension.

His nightmare had been caused by an issue with some paperwork – another man of the same name had died but Ong-art’s ID number had been entered into the system mistakenly after the initial death paperwork had been submitted with the ID number section left blank.

He then submitted a complaint in 2013 but nothing happened, leaving him stuck as a dead man for years.

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Forced to submit one to a different government body, he finally managed to get an investigation launched into his case.

Eventually, nine years later, on Saturday (July 24), officials visited his home to go through files, take information from relatives and match them to his identity.

On Tuesday (July 26), after nearly 25 years of being dead, he was finally issued his new ID card along with all the benefits that come from being a living ID-card-holding citizen.


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