Bloke caught speeding 22 times in just 3 weeks on same stretch of road

A bloke who was spotted speeding 22 times on the same stretch of road over a three-week period faces having a whopping 81 penalty points put on his licence.

But laundry van driver Peter McPherson is hoping to persuade a judge to let him keep his licence despite the fact that 12 points is enough to trigger an automatic ban.

Peter, 58, admitted committing the offences on the A40 Westway flyover between July 15 and August 1 last year. He picked up four speeding tickets on July 15 alone.

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A temporary 30mph restriction was brought in for that stretch of road while roadworks were being done in 2020 – but the speed limit has since been made permanent.

“I’ve been driving on that stretch of road for many years,” Paul told the London Evening Standard.

“I was so shocked when all these fines were sent to me at work. There was a whole pile of them.”

Losing his licence would mean losing his job at Galicia Laundry, where he has worked for over 40 years.

He joined the company, which provides linen, towels and clothing to hotels, restaurants and other businesses in London, straight out of school at the age of 16.

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“If I lose my job I don’t know what I am going to do,” Peter said. “I’ve never been inside a court before so I’m very nervous, but I am going to court to ask not have a ban as it will cause me hardship.

“I’ve been at the firm for my whole adult life and driven without problems.

"They were sent the fines because it’s a work van," he added. "Everything changed in such a short period of time,”

In a hearing at Willesden magistrates cost last month, Peter’s solicitors – Patterson Law – said: “Our client has instructed us to enter a guilty plea.

“In accordance with Schedule 2 Road Traffic Offenders Act for the offences of speeding our client will be at risk of 71 to 81 points. At the time of the offence our client had seven points, so will be at risk of a six-month disqualification for totting 12 or more points during a three-year period.

“Our client intends to attend court and present an exceptional hardship argument.”

The case was first heard in a closed session through the single justice procedure, but is now set to be heard in open court on May 17.

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