Black history quiz questions and answers: Test YOUR knowledge

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The Black Lives Matter movement continues to fight for the rights of black people around the world. In Britain, campaigners have called for black history to be taught to all English school pupils. As pressure is mounting on the Government to review the national curriculum and make the teaching of black history mandatory, has compiled a quiz on the topic to test your current knowledge.


1) To which organisation was Kofi Annan appointed Secretary General in 1996?

2) What year did Britain first pass an act officially outlawing the institution of slavery, freeing more than 800,000 enslaved Africans in the Caribbean and South Africa and Canada?

3) When did British taxpayers stop paying off Government debt incurred in order to compensate British slave owners because of the abolition of slavery?


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4) Who said: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”?

5) On August 24, 1981, Charles Chapman became the first black swimmer to swim across what geographical water region?

6) Which historical black nurse died in London in 1881 after saving many British soldiers during the Crimean War of 1855?

7) What year was Naomi Campbell first on the magazine cover of French Vogue?

8) Who was the first black football player to captain England?

9) Who was the first African-American to graduate from Harvard University and become a US senator?

10) What year were the first slaves brought to North America?

11) What was the first historically black college in America?

12) What is Rosa Parks famous for?

13) In response to the acquittal of who’s murderer was Black Lives Matter founded in 2013?

14) In 2008, the US elected its first black president, Barack Obama. Who did he run against?

15) What is the name of the man who’s statue was toppled by Black Lives Matter protestors in Bristol, UK on June 7, 2020?

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1) United Nations

2) 1833

3) 2015

4) Martin Luther King Jr

5) The English Channel

6) Mary Seacole

7) 1988

8) Paul Ince (1993)

9) Hiram Rhodes Revels

10) 1619

11) Cheyney University (founded as the African Institute in February 1837)

12) Refusing to surrender her seat to a white passenger on a segregated bus in Montgomery, Alabama.

13) Trayvon Martin

14) John McCain

15) Edward Colston

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