Biden praises ‘best partner’ Harris in cringeworthy message despite damning polling data

Joe Biden says he plans to run for re-election in 2024

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US President Joe Biden appeared alongside his 2020 running-mate Kamala Harris for a Democratic National Committee on Friday. During their virtual event, the 46th President said: “Hi Kamala, I love you.”

Ms Harris responded by saying: “I do.”

Biden continued: “You always have my back.

“You’re really amazing and you’re the best partner I could imagine.”

Biden appeared to highlight the successes he has had in office, including on the vaccine roll-out, lowering unemployment and plans to combat issues in social welfare.

However, the POTUS also appeared to accept the Biden administration faces significant challenges going forward.

He said: “But the truth of the matter is it’s been a year of challenges.

“Some enormous progress was made though, you know, and you’ve helped make it happen.”

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Looking ahead to the 2022 midterms, Biden appeared to make a swipe at his predecessor, Donald Trump.

The Commander-in-Chief said: “This election in 2022 is critical.

“We have to keep control of the House and the Senate to expand our majority.

“We need to re-elect and elect Democratic governors, mayors, state legislators, and candidates up and down and ticket.”

He added: “And the way we’re going to do that is by telling the voters what we’ve done and what we plan to do by making it clear: There’s a clear choice — a choice between a party that works for people and is focused on the future, and a party that’s completely controlled by one man and that’s focused on relitigating the past.”

However, support for both Biden and Harris has appeared to have taken a knock.

According to a recent NBC News poll, Mr Biden has a net approval rating of -11 percent.

YouGov found Ms Harris fared slightly worse with Americans on -12 percent.

However, it is not just in approval rating surveys that Biden and Harris perform poorly.

Polling company McLaughlin & Associates conducted a survey which found both the 46th President and his running-mate would struggle to remain in office if a general election was held today.

The opinion poll put ex-POTUS Donald Trump ahead of all of his major Democratic rivals.

In a straight run-off between Biden and his predecessor in the Oval Office, Mr Trump registered a five percent lead.

This comes less than a year after Biden was inaugurated as President after defeating the GOP candidate by seven million votes.

However, Trump performed even better against Harris – opening up an 11 point lead.

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McLaughlin & Associates also asked 1,000 respondents how they would vote if the 2024 Presidential Election saw the two 2016 candidates face-off for a second time.

Ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been tipped to run for the Democratic nomination.

Back in 2016, Mr Trump shocked the world after defeating Ms Clinton by 306 electoral college votes to 232.

Despite failing to win the race to 270, the former First Lady received 2.8million more votes than the businessman-turned-politician.

But MacLaughlin & Associates found Mr Trump has now opened up an 11 percent lead against his ex-election rival.

Trump has not officially declared whether he will run in 2024.

However, he returned to the campaign trail with a rally in Arizona last week.

Mr Trump will hold yet another rally in Conroe in Texas on Saturday.

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