Beloved dog needed £1,000 anti-venom treatment after deadly snake bite in park

A snake bite sent a dog crashing to the ground in eerie silence and could only be saved with £1,000 anti-venom.

Paula was walking with her daughter Amy and their two dogs Koda and Willow in Northumberland National Park last month when an adder struck.

Mum, Paula thought it was nothing more than a near miss when Koda hit the deck and rolled over in silence.

As they continued their walk however the two-year-old Vizsla's face became increasingly swollen in a dog walk of nightmares.

She told the Chronicle: "The girls had been on the lead for most of the walk for the sheep. We decided to let them off for that section of the walk – something we will now be doing differently in adder season.

"Both dogs went off the track, not too far from us, and we could see they were interested in something so we hotfooted it over and saw the adder – it was small so we thought it was a baby.

"As we calmly but quickly made our way over, I came up behind Koda so she was blocking my view of the adder – another mistake, I should have kept it in my line of sight.

"When I got to the girls, Koda took a few steps back and rolled on the ground. I thought nothing of it at the time, but while the adder was out of sight, that must have been when it struck her. She must have rolled because she felt it bite her but she made no noise at all.

"We walked on and at one point we stopped to get some water, I noticed Koda's right eyebrow was slightly swollen and bruised. This was 30 minutes after she was bitten we now know."

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Fortunately Paula was prepared with an adder pack but it proved not to be enough.

She continued: "We got the adder pack and gave her half an antihistamine and flushed her eyebrow as best we could but she was not having a lot of it and we knew we had to keep her calm. Amy picked Koda up and carried her as far as she could but knew we had to get to the car as soon as we could.

"As we were about three miles from the car and we had not done any "carry training" with the dogs, Koda freaked out, so we decided it would be better for her to walk.

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"About 10 minutes from the car, Koda did start to slow down. We got to the car about two hours and 10 minutes after she was bitten.

"That is when the swelling started to move down her right cheek and get worse. Amy put the ice pack from the adder pack on the swelling and I called our vets.

"She then broke the news that the anti-venom alone could be up to £1,000 per vial. I was just relieved that there was an anti-venom available, and that we had the money in savings – we didn't care how much it was."

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