Beer drinkers told ‘don’t fear the foam’ if you want perfect pint, experts claim

Asking to have your pint topped up to reduce the head is all wrong, according to a beer historian, who reckons a foamy top is better for your belly.

Beer drinkers who have been after the perfect pint for years should not “fear the foam”, say boffins.

Experts reckon the more froth there is in a glass, the less chance there is of “beer bloat” as it is better for the foam to “erupt” in the glass rather than in boozers’ bellies.

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Beer historian Anistatia Renard Miller, of Bristol University, said: “We’ve been chasing the perfect pint since beer’s inception, roughly 13,000 years ago, near Haifa, Israel. Next time you order a pint you should ask your bartender to pour the amber stuff into an upright glass.”

Japanese company Nendo has designed a beer can with two pulls which they claim gives the perfect amount of foam.

The first tab activates the bubbles in the beer by only slightly opening the can, creating a concentrated level of pressure inside.

This allows the drinker to pour however much foam they want in their glass, before they then open the second tab to allow the rest of the pint to be poured.

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"Beer heads [of foam] are considered essential for having beer taste better, at least in Japan,” the firm, launched in 2002 as a design studio, said of its newest product.

“It is because a layer of foam with adequate thickness acts as a lid to prevent beer from coming into contact with the air, and keeps it from releasing aroma, flavour, and carbonation.”

Sadly for the pint perfectionists out there, Nendo doesn't appear to be selling their revolutionary cans any time soon.

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