Beat the cost of living crisis by going on holiday ‘cheaper than heating bills’

Brits can beat the cost-of-living crisis with a winter holiday living it up without worrying about forking out on energy bills.

Easyjet is offering an all-inclusive month long ‘Escape the UK’ holiday that is £227 cheaper per person than staying at home with the heating on.

The 28-day stay at the 5-star Stella Gardens Resort in Egypt includes travel, accommodation, meals, internet and gym for just £650per person.

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Free snacks and a bottomless supply of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are also on offer.

This compares to the average UK monthly household bill of £2,255 – which works out at £877 per person, according to ONS data.

The figures are based on average monthly living costs, including rent (£1,068), gas and electric bills (£175) and food shopping (£368).

The typical household also pays £285 on eating out and takeaways, £45 on WiFi and landline and £272 on travel.

Rising living costs have pulled monthly bills above that of luxury travel with 40% of Brits searching a winter escape.

Personal finance expert Lynn Beattie said the stats show just how much hard-up Brits will spend on basic living expenses.

She said: “Escaping abroad does not make all our financial commitments disappear.

“But it’s startling to know that like for like, it’s cheaper to buy an all-inclusive holiday than stay in the UK this winter.

“For consumers who could viably sublet/Airbnb their homes and work abroad, the new package deal by easyJet holidays poses a very attractive offer.”

Matt Callaghan, of easyJet, added: “Our new 28-day winter escape is cheaper than staying at home this year.”

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