Beachgoers scream as idiot jumps 200ft off cliff and is airlifted to hospital

A thrill-seeker who plunged 200ft off a cliff into the sea had to be airlifted to hospital with a dislocated shoulder when screaming crowds noticed he failed to surface.

In a video, filmed by a witness at Durdle Door in Dorset, a crowd whoops and cheers as the man – who is barely visible against the giant cliff – takes a running jump off into the sea.

Beachgoers then watch in horror as the unnamed daredevil plunges into the water on Wednesday (June 2) and then fail to immediately swim to the surface.

The diver was taken by Coastguard officials to an air ambulance that landed on the beach.

Witness Khawar Khawaja said the incident was "very scary" and his wife even feared the man was attempting to take his own life.

"It was really scary to watch, we didn’t know if he was going to come back up at all or how badly he had injured himself," he told The Sun.

A spokesman for Kimmeridge Coastguard confirmed with the newspaper the injured man was taken to Dorset County Hospital for treatment.

Khawar added: "When the air ambulance arrived they managed to locate him. He had a bandage on his shoulder and was taken to the hospital.

"It’s scary to think that people just jump off of something that high and don’t think that they might hurt themselves."

The 38-year-old, who had driven from Grimsby, was on a family trip and said the emergency services were called prior to the man even jumping off the natural limestone arch, due to how high he was.

So-called "tombstoning" – jumping off great heights into bodies of water – has taken the lives of at least 20 people in the UK since 2005, according to The Mirror.

Last year, the coast guard gave an urgent warning and the beach at Durdle Door was closed due to three people getting badly hurt jumping off the cliff.

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