BBC Weather: Thunderstorms to strike Europe before weekend heatwave

BBC Weather’s Darren Bett said thunderstorms and heavy rain are currently moving across central Europe into the Balkans and northern Greece by Wednesday. Highs of 35C are expected in Spain as the hot air will move northwards to France and Britain. But thunderstorms and heavy rain will be around mid-week before the heatwave.

Mr Bett said: “It’s going to turn hot again across western Europe later this week. The more recent heat we’ve seen in Europe is getting squeezed into eastern areas as we have cloud coming in from the west and that is dropping the temperatures.

“It’s also dropping a lot of rain on Tuesday.

“To the west after that rain, there is some sunshine around.

“We’ve still got the warmth in Iberia and that’s where the heat will build up from again later on in the week.

“For eastern areas of Europe, it is still mostly dry and warm on Tuesday but we do have this zone of cloud with heavy rain and thunderstorms effecting northern parts of Italy, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and Crotatia.

“All that rain and thunderstorms will be moving southwards across Italy and into the Balkans.

“After showers will start to ease off in Italy so the warmth and sunshine will return to Rome.

“We’ve still got high temperatures and heat in Spain and that will warmth will push its way up to France and London with the peak of heat on Friday.”

Parts of the UK are set for a scorching weekend with temperatures that could reach 36C.

Met Office forecaster Bonnie Diamond said the hot weather will be part of a “warm spell across the UK” but the highest temperatures are expected to be “focused in the south-east of England”.

Ms Diamond said there will be a “mixed” spell of weather at the start of the week.

But she added: “At the minute, and with high confidence, we are expecting 34C to 36C by Friday and Saturday.”


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These high temperatures are the result of southerly winds moving from Europe and high pressure patterns that are set to kick in from around Thursday.

Ms Diamond said: “The pressure pattern is generally high so in combination with the southerly winds and high pressure we get settled, sunny and hot weather.”

It is due to come after a “mixed start” to the week.

Sunny spells and generally settled weather can be enjoyed across southern areas but heavy rain is on the way for Northern Ireland and Scotland on Tuesday.

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