BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns thick frost and fog to blanket UK as thermometers slump

BBC Weather: UK warned of fog and frosty conditions

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Carol Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast that Britons are to face murky conditions with widespread ice expected. Fog is also due to roll in across the south of the country, Ms Kirkwood explained this low lying cloud is likely to hang around and prevent temperatures from rising. 

Ms Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast: “This morning if you stepping out in Scotland or Northern Ireland is a chilly start there’s some frost in places as well.

“But as we come further south, it’s not as cold and that’s because we’ve got a band of cloud rain and drizzle some murky conditions, all slipping sideways and it’s courtesy of this cold front here living up to its name because behind it, we are seeing some cooler conditions than yesterday.

“Also quite windy as you can tell from those isobars across the far north and west of Scotland and here too there’ll be a peppering of showers.

“So Northern England and Wales and southern England will hang on to this cloud this morning but as it pushes it will brighten up in northern England, central and northern parts of Wales and also the North Midlands but the south hanging on to that cloud some mist some murk, some spots of rain at times but mild.”

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She added: “Remember this is a cold front behind it progressively the air does get that bit colder, but they’ll be lots of sunshine.

“Through this evening and overnight there goes our weather front, eventually clearing building that behind it we’ll see some fog forming especially around the Midlands, East Anglia, the southeast and the Vale of York and here to under clear skies we’re looking at some frost quite a widespread frost as well.

“In the north of the country, still quite breezy, there’s some cloud still lingering with some showers across the north in the West.

“So fog issues for you and a bit milder. 

UK weather: Bright in the north but dull and damp in the south

The meteorologist added: “So into tomorrow eventually off goes our front quite quickly, high pressure builds.

“You can tell again, looking at the size of isobar, it’s going be windy across the north of the country and we put on this airmass chart look at all these yellows moving around that area of high pressure. So for many in the Northeast especially it is going to be mild with temperatures above average for this stage in January.

“But it does mean mild and breezy in the north but colder in the south with some fog patches and some of these fog patches through this week will be slow to clear some not clearing at all.

“So as we start Wednesday, there will be some fog around slowly lifting on Wednesday, a lot of dry weather a fair bit of sunshine still a lot of cloud coming in at times across the north in the West, thicken up are some spots of light rain or drizzle and still quite breezy here. 

Ms Kirkwood said concluded: “But look at the temperatures 10s and elevens across northern Scotland and for the size and despite the sunshine, it will be that big cooler, six to about 10 degrees and just to remind your average at this time of year is five in the north to eight around London, nine into the southwest so we still are above average.

“As we go into Thursday we’ll start off with some fog as well.

“Some of this fog won’t clear and will lift into low clouds and be quite dull and that will suppress the temperatures if you stuck under eight but more clouds across the North once again producing some spots of rain and also some drizzle.

“The northern half of the country’s still in the highest temperatures, nine to 11, and as we come south temperatures that little bit lower.”

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