BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of flooding as UK battered by more torrential downpours

BBC Weather: UK set for ‘torrential downpours’ says Kirkwood

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BBC Weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood said the UK can expect heavy rain and thunderstorm over the next few days. She warned that there was potential for flooding due to the heavy rain. Scotland could see the brunt of the flooding issues as it sees most of the heavy rain. 

These downpours are also expected to bring with it thunder and lightning across the country.

Ms Kirkwood said: “The weather over the next few days remains unsettled.

“There will be some torrential thundery downpours which will lead to the potential for flash flooding.

“In between, there will be some sunny spells but there will also be some gusty winds.

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“After a bright start in the east, you can see all this cloud piling in from the west.

“It has already produced some heavy thundery downpours in parts of southern England this morning.

“It is this weather front that will move eastwards through the day.”

The BBC Weather forecaster noted that any rain seen on Tuesday will likely be slow-moving.

BBC Weather: UK set for dry and sunny conditions

While there may be a dry start for many, the showers are expected to move in later on today.

These bouts of rain are expected to contain lightning strikes as well across the country.

Ms Kirkwood continued: “The showers will develop further more widely through the afternoon.

“From the north midlands, north Wales and northwards and some of those heavy and thundery.

“For Scotland, there is a chance of some localised flooding.”

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Temperatures are expected to be lower than they have been for the past few days.

On Tuesday the lowest temperature is expected to be 15C in Stornoway and the highest being 22 in Norwich.

Ms Kirkwood added: “Through this evening and overnight some of the showers in the south will fade but we will see more coming in from the west.

“These showers will continue across Scotland and eventually merge with the new system coming in from the west.

“That combination again could cause some torrential downpours.”

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