BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood rules out temperature rise with UK seeing ‘average at best!’

UK weather: Dry with cloudy skies and average temperatures

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Carol Kirkwood has told BBC Breakfast that a high-pressure front continues to control the weather in the UK going into the beginning of October. The BBC weatherwoman has said this means conditions will remain rather settled with conditions remains dry for most parts of Britain. She warned there is likely to be a lot of clouds, while those hoping for some early October warm spells will need to settle for average temperatures at best for this time of year. 

Ms Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast: “Now the weather this week is going to be very similar to what we had last week for some of us.

“In that high pressure is still firmly in charge things are fairly settled, there will be a lot of dry weather.

“But there will also be a lot of cloud.

“And that cloud think enough for some light rain or some drizzle here or there.”

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The meteorologist added: “Some of us will see some sunshine and in the sunshine, it will feel pleasant.

“We are looking at average temperatures but at times.

“They will be just below average here or there as well.

“So what we have this morning is a fair bit of cloud around.

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“It is producing some patchy light rain and drizzle across northeast Scotland, parts of southern and eastern England,” she continued.

“And we also have this keen breeze coming in from the North Sea.

“So cooler along the North Sea coastline and also into the southeast.

“Some cloud breaks this afternoon across the channel islands. 

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Ms Kirkwood added: “We should see some across southwest England, west Wales, a few across parts of southeast England.

“More across Northern Ireland and Scotland, and a few across northwest England.

“Temperatures today, well if you are in the sunshine as I mentioned it will feel quite pleasant.

“We are looking at 18 to 20.” 

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