Bad backs, aching knees no obstacle for Kingston, Ont.’s intrepid stick curlers

With the Tim Hortons Brier just around the corner, curling excitement is building in Kingston.

Canada’s best will be coming to town for the event, which serves as Canada’s national men’s curling championships. Things officially get underway on Feb. 29.

In our continuing series on local curling, Global News stopped off at the Cataraqui Country Club. Every Wednesday afternoon, a group gets together to curl —stick curl, that is. It’s a way to continue to enjoy the sport when you’re either getting older or less healthy. Judy Russell is a stick curler, she’s also a stick curling coach.

“Some people will take up the stick even if they’ve had recent surgery on a the hip or a knee or something,” said Judy Russell, a stick curler and stick curling coach.

Stick curling is similar to curling in terms of rules and gameplay, but involves delivering the rock down a sheet of ice with a stick from a standing position, rather than from the knees with a traditional slide delivery.

As such, it’s a game that appeals to those for whom mobility may be an issue.

“They don’t want to risk getting up and down just yet so they’ll do it,” Russell said of those who participate. “People that have had a career-limiting injury will take up the stick more permanently.”

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