B.C. government requiring ICBC to notify those injured in a crash of benefits under new system

The B.C. government has introduced legislation requiring ICBC to advise those who are injured in a crash of the benefits they will receive.

It is just part of the government’s shift to a no fault, or enhanced care model, which the province says will save British Columbians money, dramatically increase benefits, while also reducing the ability to sue for an injury settlement.

Attorney General David Eby says the legislation marks a dramatic shift for the public insurer.

“We are talking about a fundamental restructuring of ICBC’s culture and it’s something Manitoba and Saskatchewan went through,” Eby said.

“In reviewing the information from those provinces one of the biggest challenges they faced was the transition from an insurer that fought people in court to a care-based model. We put in the law that ICBC has an obligation to advise people of what benefits are available to them.”

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