Auschwitz closed to visitors from coronavirus hotspots – despite no Polish cases

Auschwitz has closed its gates to visitors coming from coronavirus hotspots.

In a statement posted on its website, the museum near Krakow in south Poland, said: “To date, we have not observed any disturbing situations, but the Museum is monitoring this issue on an ongoing basis.

“The Museum has recommended travel agencies and organisers of trips to the Memorial to desist from the arrival of people from places found to be infected.”

The Polish government has said that there are no confirmed cases of the virus in Poland as of yet.

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Minister of Health Lukasz Szumowski said on Thursday: “There are no cases of coronavirus in Poland. When it does appear in Poland, we will report this information immediately.

“As of now there are no confirmed cases of infection.”

However, he said he believes the virus will appear across Poland within the coming days.

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So far 47 people have been hospitalised, 55 were placed under quarantine at home, and over 1,570 were under observation by the medical services.

The museum has said that it will update their website with coronavirus news, and has urged their visitors to ‘keep track’ of information.

Over two million people visited the site last year, where over one million people were murdered by Hitler, during World War Two.

Included in the two million, is over 200,000 Brits.

Others include hundreds of thousands from across COVID-19 infected European countries, with 104,000 from Italy, 73,000 from Germany, 70,000 from Spain, 67,000 from France, 59,000 from Israel, 42,000 from Ireland and 40,000 from Sweden.

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