Athletes, coaches, influencers break a sweat in Toronto’s City Shred event

More than 500 people from Toronto’s fitness community got together for a public workout at Lamport Stadium in Toronto’s Liberty Village.

City Shred is a public event that drew in influencers, coaches and athletes, including two-time CFL champion Chad Owens.

“Through football, you’ve got people counting on you, but here’s what my message is to these people: you’re counting on you,” Owens said.

“Today is about you. You versus you. You being better today than you were yesterday.”

In addition to burpees, strength and agility workouts, there were also motivational speakers, including Paulo Guererro, a Vancouver-native who has been through a lot in the past couple of years.

“When I was 19, I got in a motorcycle accident, leaving me paralyzed from the nipples down. After a while, I wasn’t that motivated,” Guererro said.

“I couldn’t find anything to live for.”

Just as the young man was at his breaking point, he found fitness.

“After about six months, I started going to the gym again, and when I started going to the gym I got really motivated,” he said.

“I saw changes in my body and my mentality.”

Guererro shared his story in front of hundreds at City Shred, which is being called Instagram’s largest fitness event.

His journey has not only resonated with others, but it has inspired the company to make some changes to their upcoming events, which includes adding wheelchair accessibility so that everyone will be able to participate.

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