Astrid Wett says ‘stalker asked for tissue’ after ‘jolting’ during massage

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    Astrid Wett has recalled the horrifying moment a "stalker" ejaculated while she gave him a massage.

    The OnlyFans legend sat down for a tell-all YouTube interview with Low IQ Podcast hosts Jack Joseph and Cole Anderson who she discussed with some of the jobs she had before making it big in the adult film industry.

    One such role included working at a beauty parlour when she was 19.

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    "The salon that I worked in, the whole front of it was glass and it looked over to a Turkish barbers on the other side of the street," she recounted.

    "We used to call this one guy in there 'the stalker' because every time we were at the window or every time we were in his vision he was just staring."

    Astrid said the man, who was about 27 and a "decent-looking guy" despite his creepy tendencies, eventually tried to make a booking at the salon.

    "He finally manages to book in […] he comes in and I say to him, 'take everything off except your boxers', and I made that very clear.

    "I left the room, came back, pulled the towel down to tuck it into the boxers, no boxers there."

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    Astrid said she got to work despite the man's lack of clothing, adding that he was "lying face-down at this point", and began massaging his back.

    "I must have been massaging him for like five, 10 minutes, I didn't even get halfway through my back routine, and all of a sudden he's like, jolting," she said, jumping around in her seat to mimic the motion.

    Asked whether the man had ejaculated, Astrid said: "Yeah.

    "I was like, 'are you ok?' and he was like, 'uh, yeah,' and then asked for a tissue.

    "I gave him some tissues, he wiped himself down, and I said, 'look, sorry, that's the end of the massage.'"

    Astrid said after that the man left the parlour "happy as Larry", but when she went back to clean the massage bed there was "c** everywhere."

    "How little action must he get to c** from a massage?" she added.

    Astrid now has her own bodily fluids to deal with after she shared photos of her bloodied nose to Instagram from a "brutal" training session.

    The blonde bombshell shared the post ahead of her fight with boxing rival and ex-Love Island star AJ Bunker set to take place later this week.

    Astrid looked a sorry sight in the pics, where she could be seen sporting a blood-spattered pink sports top and braids after "going hard" ahead of Saturday's (March 4) match.

    A post from Misfit Boxing showcased the bloodied influencer, captioning the: "WOW You don't play boxing! @wettastrid going HARD ahead of showdown."

    Astrid added: "I am conditioned. Today's spar was BRUTAL."

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