Archie Battersbee’s parents lose final Supreme Court bid keep him alive in coma

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The parents of 12-year-old Archie Battersbee who has spent months in a coma have been dealt a devastating final blow to their hopes of his survival.

The campaigning family were told on this afternoon (Tuesday, August 2) that they had lost a Supreme Court bid to block the withdrawal of his life-sustaining treatment.

Young Archie's case went under review by a UN committee prior to the crushing verdict.

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News from the Supreme Court comes 24 hours after a Court of Appeal hearing ruled Archie's life support to be switched off on Tuesday.

Refusing to give up and fighting to the very end, Archie's parents took their legal challenge further but have been handed the same heart-breaking verdict.

Archie had initially been due to have his life support switched off at the Royal London Hospital at 2pm on Monday after a High Court judge ruled it was in his best interests.

But the Government asked the court to “urgently consider” a request from the UN to continue the 12-year-old's treatment.

Archie was found unconscious with a ligature over his head on April 7 by his mother Hollie Dance.

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Hollie thinks he may have been taking part in the Blackout Challenge, a disturbing online trend that sees young people try different destructive methods to cause themselves to become unconscious.

Doctors believe Archie is brain-stem dead and say continued life support is not in his best interests.

Barts Health NHS Trust told the family this weekend that they planned on ending Archie's treatment today.

Hollie said the family have had “no support whatsoever” from the trust.

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Hollie previously told Sky News before today's hearing: "I know they come across to the media as supportive and compassionate. It’s very much the opposite. It’s very misleading.

"There was no meeting, sat down and broken to gently.

"It’s just caused so much stress. This could have been totally prevented and handled totally different to how it’s been handled.

"We shouldn’t have been dragged through the courts."

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The trust said in the letter: “We understand that any discussions around the withdrawal of Archie’s treatment are very difficult and painful.

“However, we want to ensure that you and your family are involved as much as you wish to be.

“You or any of the family may wish to lie on Archie’s bed with him or have him in your arms, if that should be practically possible.”

It also promised that the withdrawal process would aim to “preserve Archie’s dignity”.


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