Amy Winehouse ex Blake Fielder-Civil seen at brother’s overdose inquest

Amy Winehouse's former partner Blake Fielder-Civil has been spotted at an inquest into the death of his brother, who died of an overdose earlier this year.

The Back to Black singer's mother-in-law had blasted mental health provisions after her youngest son, Freddy Civil, 27, fled from a secure hospital.

He subsequently passed away following a heroin overdose that a coroner's office had previously ruled was as a result of his "misadventure" from Fieldhead Hospital in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Georgette Civil, 56, claims to have "predicted" the death of her youngest son Freddy, with brother Blake spotted attending the inquest into his brother's death.

Entries from the diary of Freddy show that the 27-year-old had allegedly suffered cruel taunts from staff at the hospital, who labelled him "Jimmy Saville" as part of "bullying" and "patronizing behaviour".

Speaking of her son, Georgette said Freddy "idolised" older brother and ex-boyfriend of Winehouse, Blake Fielder-Civil.

Georgette said: "I fought throughout to keep him alive because I predicted in November and December and January he was going to die under their care.

"My son was robbed of his dignity and his respect, and the grossly poor handling of the complaints procedure was just shocking. He was no better treated – and I hate to say it – than like a caged dog.

"But for me, the real tragedy here is Freddy had good, good cause to fear he would never be free. We both did."

Her son, she says, was "frightened" and "isolated" in the secure unit, which Georgette slammed as a place that employed "bullying" hospital workers who targeted Freddy.

Freddy's mum added of the "heartbreaking" read through of the files following his death, revealing the "pain and isolation" of his time in the mental health unit.

"And with every upset, I would always say to Freddy, 'Do you want me to raise it with staff.' And I did, I supported Freddy. He's my son, I love him," Georgette said.

She added that her son was "bullied, and he was frightened, and he was lonely, and he was isolated" for years inside the hospital.

Freddy's mum has also alleged that she does not believe the hospital staff have "learned from this at all."

Carol Harris, Chief Operating Officer at South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, said: "Our thoughts are with everyone affected by Mr Civil's death.

"Following the incident we carried out a thorough investigation and developed a detailed action plan to enhance our service delivery. As a learning trust we continue to work to ensure the services we deliver are the best they can be."

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