Americans start stockpiling guns as fears of post-election ‘civil war’ rise

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Americans in many parts of the US fearing civil unrest are buying guns ahead of the election result.

A gun shop owner in the swing state of Michigan said he has been receiving hundreds of phone calls a day from new customers, causing him to sell out multiple times.

Authorities have noticed a recent boom of homegrown militant activity in Michigan which has included a plot to kidnap a governor.

Detroit residents made a dash for Bill Kucyk's gun shop when he opened his doors for business, Sky News reports.

Bill said: "They don't even know the process. They just want to buy guns – and I'm getting about a hundred calls a day about it."

Pointing at some empty shelves, he added: "Normally I'd have about a hundred guns in this cabinet but they've been sold twice over. The store has been cleaned out several times."

Tensions leading up to the election have risen particularly in Michigan because it is a swing state meaning its final vote could go either way.

As a result, everyday citizens are arming themselves with serious weaponry in the even of violence breaking out from the losing supporters.

Lexus Lewis, a young mum-of-two, was struggling to correctly hold a 12-gauge shotgun she was interested in buying from Bill's gun shop.

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Mr Kucyk said: "She's going to need some serious training to use that."

Like everyone else Sky News spoke to in the shop, Lexus wanted a gun to protect her family from an unspecified threat.

The mum continued: "All of this is new. I've always been a little insecure living in Detroit, Michigan, but it's all new to me.

"People are doing things that we've never even thought about doing before, taking it to limits that we never thought about going before."

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A sense of insecurity is becoming rife in America for several reasons, but largely the growth of militia groups, especially in Michigan.

The FBI's most high-profile action linked to militant groups to date has been catching out an outfit called the Wolverine Watchmen, in a sting.

These so-called Watchmen had set out to kidnap the Democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer, in response to her coronavirus lockdown measures.

Investigations led to the arrest of more than a dozen men, some of whom are accused of driving to a meeting with the intention of buying explosives and tactical gear – but were at the centre of a set-up by the FBI.

Last week, the FBI and Michigan state police arrested a self-proclaimed leader of the white supremacy group, the Base, accusing him of multiple crimes and running a "hate camp" in the state.

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