Amazed student finds ‘double-barrelled’ banana with two fruit in single skin

A student was shocked when he peeled a banana to find it was double barrelled – with two fruits inside the skin.

Aiden Martin, 18, grabbed the snack while on his break working at Asda.

But when he peeled off the skin off his 18p snack, he was delighted to find two fruits inside.

Experts suggest roughly 5% of bananas can grow into doubles, but they rarely make it on to the shelves.

Vegan Aiden, who eats two bananas a day, always grabs one for his break, and said this was a lovely surprise.

The student, from Llandudno, in north Wales, said: "They were like a little couple camping.

"They were all nice and cozy like they were in one of those little double sleeping bags.

"They weren't joined at all, just lying next to each other.

"I think it was a once-in-a-lifetime find.

"I wish I could say they were two for the price of one, but sadly it's done on weight."

Aiden, who has just finished A-levels, is working at the store over the summer before moving to Edinburgh University in September.

He said he ate the banana like one big fruit, and from the bottom up – because "that's how the monkeys do it."

In India, there is much mystery around double-barrelled bananas and an old wives tale suggests that if a woman eats one she will become pregnant with twins.

"There have been times when I’ve tried eating elaichi bananas only to have my mum dramatically swat them out of my hand," said one Indian blogger, writing about the hoodoo around double-barrelled bananas.

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