Adorable Golden Retriever becomes perfect big brother to baby girl from birth

There aren't many relationships that are more lovable than that between a gorgeous pooch and its owners.

It is a bond that stretches back centuries and a friendship that sometimes feels more like family than anything else.

And nowhere is this encapsulated more than the loving connection between an adorable Golden Retriever called Marshall and his human baby sister Macy.

According to website Bored Panda, Marshall and Macy have been inseparable since she was brought home for the very first time by her parents two years ago.

As the sibling pair have grown old together the duos parent's thought it would be a great idea to share and capture some of their magical moments together.

Marshall already had his own Instagram account so when baby Macy came along it seemed a no brainer that she could also feature too.

Now nearly 18k followers can get a peek into the lives of the "Golden Duo" with regular photos of the pair looking all cute and snuggly.

Marshall and Macy's parents said: "Macy has calmed our boy down and there is nothing that makes the heart flutter like seeing them playing together.”

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In photos shared on their Instagram account, Marshall and Macy are often pictured cuddling with each other.

Macy is often shown laughing and smiling while Marshall looks slightly bemused by the affair.

When asked whether Marshall ever gets tired of looking after his baby sister their parents said: “They aren’t constantly on top of each other but when Marshall has had enough he just gives me this look…. it’s hilarious.

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"But we have never ever seen a vicious look from him he just goes to our bedroom if he wants to be left alone but now she can climb onto the bed, so it seems that Marshall might have to try and hide somehow better!”

The snaps of family life posted on Instagram are often accompanied by a funny comment or line.

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In a recent video, Marshall appears to be trying to give Macy a sloppy lick and the post says: " Reality is, Marsh is licking the peanut butter off her face not actually kissing her"

Let's hope there are many more years to come watching Marshall and Macy growing up together.

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