100 bodies found at secret criminal cemetery in Mexico

Tourist kidnapped and left for dead after being mugged in Mexico

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Mexico police uncovered approximately 100 bodies in the storehouse after believing the area was being used as a criminal cemetery. The search came following the arrest of four alleged Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel members.

The semi-militarised criminal gang, which originates from Jalisco and Oaxaca, is led by one of the most-wanted drug lords in the world, Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes.

Following the arrest of the four individuals, it was understood that the warehouse in Tenango del Valle was a common criminal dumping ground for bodies of victims of organised crime.

The warehouse was uncovered in a joint investigation with the Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of Public Security and staff from the Ixtapan de la Sal Regional Prosecutor’s Office, which was led by Elohim Díaz Jiménez.

Following the horrifying discovery, forensic teams and a mobile laboratory were sent to the site to find the remains of the victims.

In November 2020, authorities in Mexico found 113 bodies and some additional human remains at a secret mass grave outside the city of Guadalajara.

The bodies were located in Jalisco state, which saw the Jalisco New Generation Cartel blamed for its violent tactics, which has seen it become one of the most powerful cartels in Mexico.

At the time, the Jalisco state Attorney Gerardo Octavio Solis said that only 30 of the victims had been identified from those found.

More secret graves have been discovered in Jalisco than in any other state in Mexico in recent times.

Mexico’s Interior Ministry revealed that from 2006 to September 30, 2020, 897 bodies had been recovered from secret graves in the state.

In 2022, Mexico officially registered over 100,000 people as missing or disappeared, of which the majority are men, with over 74,700 missing compared to around 24,700 women.

In February 2022, the Jalisco cartel was thought to be involved in a feud with another gang which saw Mexico police uncover countless human remains at an “extermination site’ near the US border.

The site located at Nuevo Laredo was discovered by a search headed by the Tamaulipas state search commission.

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Jorge Macías, the head of the search commission, said: “If a criminal group has total control of an area they do what we call ‘kitchens, because they feel comfortable” burning bodies in the open.

“In areas that are not theirs and where the other side could easily see the smoke, they dig graves.”

Mr Macías described finding another site in the territory of the Gulf cartel where he saw “pelvis, skulls, femurs, everything just lying there and I said to myself, ‘it can’t be’”.

He concluded that the problem of cartel violence, which is horrifying Mexico, “is a monster”

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