‘You tw*t!’ Piers Corbyn filmed ripping Covid safety stickers off London underground

Piers Morgan hits out at Piers Corbyn for ‘stating bold lies’

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Piers Corbyn, 74, the older brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, can be seen furiously ripping coronavirus safety stickers off a London Underground tube carriage as he relays conspiracy theories to passengers. Working his way through a carriage with a chum, the anti-vaxxer and covid denier can be heard saying “they didn’t keep their distance at the G7 did they” as he fills a shopping bag full of stickers he’s torn off the carriage.

The conspiracy theorist can be heard mumbling an inaudible sentence before adding: “Boris lied to us!

“So we are taking these things down ourselves.”

Another man can also be seen ripping stickers off the carriage windows as the pair make their way through a train carriage at Green Park Station in London.

The climate activist can be seen filling up a shopping bag with the discarded stickers as the pair are filmed causing public damage.

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The pair continue in their quest to strip the carriage of all of its covid safety stickers which encourage the public to socially distance and wear a mask.

Mr Corbyn can then be heard saying: “Alright, I think that’s enough.”

He is then handed a pile of destroyed stickers by his co-conspirator before saying “well done”.

The pair then exchange a few words before My Corbyn says “we get off at Victoria” as they exit the train.

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The reckless stunt sparked a massive backlash on Twitter.

London mayoral candidate Count Binface said: “I beat you in the election, Piers. A bin-clad space alien from Planet Sigma IX beat you. So it’s with a democratic mandate from the people of London that I can say: kindly leave public safety notices alone, you mad tw*t.”

One user commented: “You can get a big prison sentence for interfering with safety equipment on the railway, would be interesting to know if it also applies to signage as well.”

While another chimed: “Please keep your distance” something he doesn’t need any signs for… no one wants to go near this guy.”

And a third slammed: “If he wants to believe it’s a hoax that’s up to him, what p*sses me off about this is that by removing them he’s forcing his opinion on other people. If he chooses to ignore the signs…his prerogative, but he’s stopping other people having the info.”

The latest stunt is not the first time the renowned anti-vaxxer has made headlines.

At the start of the pandemic, Mr Corbyn branded Covid as a “psychological operation to close down the economy in the interests of mega-corporations” and has consistently denied Coronavirus exists. 

Since then the activist has been arrested multiple times for organising anti-lockdown, anti-vaxx and 5G conspiracy theory demonstrations.

In August 2020 he was fined £10,000 by the Metropolitan Police for organising an anti-lockdown march in Hyde Park.

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While back in February Mr Corbyn was arrested for distributing anti-semitic flyers which likened the coronavirus vaccine to the Holocaust.

The flyers, which were pushed through letterboxes in Southwark, London, featured an appalling image of the Auschwitz concentration camp and urged the public not to get the coronavirus vaccine.

The camp’s infamous “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign – which means “work sets you free” – was replaced by the phrase “Vaccines are safe path to freedom”.

Over 1.1 million Jews were murdered at the Poland camp by Hitler’s Nazi forces during World War II.

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