What did EU ever do for UK? Report exposes bloc’s treatment – Merkel will retire happy

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Pro-Brexit think tank Facts4EU used figures taken from Eurostat, the bloc’s statistics division, and the Office for National Statistics in the UK to compare the net financial worth of members of the EU27, as well as that of Britain. Net financial worth is the difference between a country’s financial assets and the liabilities.

Included alongside the other 27 member states, this puts the UK in the 7th-worst position in terms of how the financial benefit of being in the bloc.

Facts4EU’s report concludes: “At the end of 2020 the United Kingdom finally left the European Union.

“This must of course be caveated by the fact that the UK left part of it behind (Northern Ireland), it remains bound by a wholly inappropriate ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ and deeply unsatisfactory ‘Trade and Cooperation Agreement’.

“And it still has to suffer the ignominy of being judged by the highly-politicised European Court of Justice, on which it has no representation.”

It stresses: “It therefore seems appropriate to start asking the question: ‘What did the UK get out of 47 years of membership of the EU?’

“As stated above, there are a vast number of ways of looking at a country’s financial performance.”

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“By the measure of net financial worth it is clear that the UK did not do well, particularly in comparison to Germany.

“In fact the UK came seventh-worst out of 28 member countries.”

Facts4EU’s editor-in-chief Leigh Evans told Express.co.uk: “Being in the EU didn’t do the UK economy any favours.

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“After 47 years in the EU the United Kingdom departed on 31 Dec 2020 with a net financial worth almost three times worse than Germany’s. (Proportionate to the size of each country’s economy.)

Referring to Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, he added: “By almost any measure you care to use, Germany has done mightily well out of its position in the EU.

“Angela can go into retirement in a few months’ time feeling very satisfied.

“Brexit Britain is finally now free to play to its strengths.

“If the UK Government doesn’t handicap us with higher taxes to pay for everything from new boilers to HS2, the UK could soar.

”The signs are already there, with the UK’s growth forecast set to exceed that of the EU by a long way this year, according to the pro-EU IMF.

“The UK is already doing well.

“We just hope the Government will unleash the full potential of Brexit as quickly as possible.”

Daniel Hodson, Chairman of The CityUnited Project, added: “So let’s all (yes, Remainers too) ask the key question: ‘What the heck did the UK get out of 47 years of membership of the EU?’. And then look at the money we put in.”

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