Voice of the Mirror: Right-wing terror threat is an evil we must all fight

Muslims in Britain and Germany will gather for Friday prayers today full of grief and foreboding.

In less than 24 hours their communities have suffered two horrific acts of violence.

The shootings in Germany were by a far-right extremist who targeted migrants.

The stabbing at the London Central Mosque was all the more shocking because it happened at a place of worship.

The authorities must do more to confront this growing menace after a worldwide rise in race-hate attacks by white supremacists.

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Right-wing politicians should also be more forthright in condemning all forms of terrorism.

Donald Trump has been quick to deplore Muslim atrocities but has remained silent in the face of outrages by the far right.

We should stand as one with all victims of terrorism and unite in opposing the perpetrators of hatred and violence whatever their religion, politics or motivation.

Unfit to serve

Priti Patel was sacked from her last Cabinet job for her deceitful and arrogant behaviour.

This should have disbarred her from ever holding high office again. Instead Boris Johnson promoted her to Home Secretary.

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It is now reported that Ms Patel has created a culture of fear at the Home Office with her bullying and unreasonable demands on staff.

Her approach is not just unfair on hard-working civil servants but highly irresponsible.

The Home Office is responsible for overseeing security, policing and immigration.

If it cannot function properly then the people who will suffer, as we learned from the Windrush scandal, will be the very people Ms Patel is supposed to serve and protect.

Queen of arts

Two sketches have emerged which could have been drawn by the Queen.

Whether they are genuine or not, one thing is certain: Her Majesty has always kept a good eye on her subjects.

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