Tory MP fails to recall number of Partygate fines issued in car crash interview

Simon Hart caught in car crash interview over 'Partygate'

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Simon Hart didn’t even know the number of fines issued as the Conservative MP delivered a catastrophic interview surrounding the ‘partygate’ scandal. The Secretary of State for Wales buckled in a discussion with Kay Burley as his lack of knowledge surrounding the Downing Street lockdown breaches was exposed. The Welsh MP crumbled under questions from the broadcaster and confessed Sky News host “knows more” as he argued about the details of the police investigation. Mr Hart failed to deflect questions surrounding the behaviour of his Conservative colleagues as he pleaded for Burley not to “tempt” him into speculation.

Burley opened the discussion with the MP by declaring the “Prime Minister has overseen fifty breaches of the law” within Downing Street.

Hart fiercely interrupted to challenge Burley: “I don’t know where you’ve got fifty from.”

The Sky News presenter confidently clarified the figures related to the “fifty notices that have already been issued,” by the police concerning Downing Street gatherings.

The Welsh politician continued his defensive manner: “you know more about this than me.”

Burley refused to permit the MP’s denial as she explained the “fifty notices” issued so far have been heavily publicised.

“It was a statement from the Metropolitan Police,” highlighted Burley.

She was adamant the Tory MP should be aware of this information as “an actual fact” at the centre of recent revelations.

The Secretary of State for Wales continued to reject Burley’s logic and claimed he would not “speculate” on the number of fines issued to members of Downing Street.

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The frustrated MP accused Burley of manipulating the interview in an effort to coax him into “speculation”.

“You tempted me last week,” claimed Hart, “and I probably went too far into speculation.”

Hart referred to an earlier ‘partygate’ interview with Kay Burley in which he suggested all politicians have past actions that should have been “done differently”.

“Seriously, we can’t speculate,” the Welsh MP demanded.

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The Prime Minister and the Chancellor have both received police-issued fixed penalty notices relating to gatherings in Downing Street that breached lockdown restrictions.

Simon Hart has publicly declared his support for the Tory ministers as opposition MPs call for the pair to resign.

“I will continue to give the PM and Chancellor my full support,” tweeted Hart as news of the fines emerged.

A statement issued by the The Met police as part of the ongoing investigation confirmed “over fifty referrals for fixed penalty notices” have been made for “breaches of Covid-19 regulations” within Downing Street.

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