Tory leadership candidates peg campaigns on soaring energy bills

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The Foreign Secretary has made tax cuts her top priority and intends to immediately lift green levies from energy bills to bring down costs. She is also axing the 1.25 percent in national insurance so workers have more money in their pockets. Ms Truss has left the option of targeted support to help those who need it on the table.

But she also wants to sort out energy security to make sure Britain is shielded from the actions of tyrants like Russian president Vladimir Putin, whose invasion of Ukraine has led to the massive price hikes.

That includes expanding nuclear and looking at fracking options.

Mr Sunak had been firmly opposed to tax cuts at the start of the leadership race but later announced he would scrap VAT on energy bills.

The former Chancellor has promised more government support for households who cannot cope with the rising costs and said he would try to cover the costs through “efficiency savings” to limit the amount of borrowing needed to pay for the plan.

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