‘Tories are willing servants of vested financial interests and the privileged’

Until tight, low limits are imposed on how much rich individuals can spend in elections our political system will continue to be bought up by a wealthy few.

The scandal of huge donations by a handful to the Tories illustrates this perfectly.

Their money-bags backers are unlikely to be disinterested philanthropists.

He who pays the piper calls the tune and Boris Johnson’s Tories are willing servants of vested financial interests and the privileged.

Trade union money is the cleanest in politics when a few pounds are collected from millions of workers to fund Labour.

The Tories on the other hand rely on millionaires and billionaires investing millions to support them.

So it should come as no surprise when Johnson puts his party’s special friends first. After all they have paid handsomely.

A vile betrayal

Politicians turning a blind eye to paedophile politicians was a shameful betrayal of victims of sexual abuse not to mention public trust.

Inquiry head Alexis Jay’s damning verdict on the failure of our political institutions must end impunity for powerful predators preying on the vulnerable.

Peer and former Liberal leader David Steel deserved to be expelled if he hadn’t quit the House of Lords and his party.

He failed to act on information that Rochdale MP Cyril Smith abused children, disgracefully recommending the monster for a knighthood. Steel should never call himself Lord Steel again.

Boris Johnson couldn’t have been more wrong when he claimed the inquiry into historic cases “spaffed” money up the wall.

Cheers to Ben

England cricket star Ben Stokes adding an OBE to his BBC Sports Personality of the Year trophy crowns a remarkable 12 months for the swashbuckling player.

It’s one properly-merited award the whole country can applaud.

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