Tony Blair eviscerated for plotting comeback as Ed Balls says he’ll make things worse

Blair's centrist conference has 'controversial guest list' says expert

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Ed Balls warned the former Prime Minister against planning a return to the front line. He urged the ex-Labour leader against attempts to “remake the past”.

His comments came after repeated suggestions Mr Blair was plotting a comeback in British politics.

The 69-year-old is co-ordinating a “Future of Britain conference” next month, influenced by Emmanuel Macron’s political movement in France.

Many believe the conference is being used as a vehicle to help support Mr Blair’s return.

The three times general election winner has also admitted he wants to play a role in advising the next Labour leader to enter No10.

Mr Balls warned the factional nature of Britain’s political parties made it a “dangerous times for politics” and old voices re-emerging may not help heal divisions.

He told an event at Hay literary festival yesterday: “I’m not sure whether it’s sensible to have people like Gordon Brown or Tony Blair, or David Cameron, Theresa May attempting to be figureheads for the next phase of politics.

“It may make things harder.”

He added: “I think you have to be really careful in life not to go back and try to remake the past.

“I’m not sure whether going back would be wise for me or wise for anybody else.”

The Future of Britain conference is set to be hosted by former BBC journalists Emily Maitlis and Jon Sopel.

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The line-up for the event is made up of a huge list of yesterday’s politicians.

Former Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson, ex-foreign secretary David Miliband, and once Conservative leadership hopeful Rory Stewart, are being taped up to be involved.

There is even hope Mr Macron himself might address the event

While the French political movement next month’s conference is based on eventually led to Mr Macron becoming President, organisers of the event are for now refusing to call it a new political party.

A spokesman for the Tony Blair Institute said: “The event planned for June 30 was flagged in Tony Blair’s speech in January on the Future of Britain when he said: ‘There is a gaping hole in the governing of Britain where new ideas should be’.

“Above all, we need to make our economy highly competitive, attract world-class talent, and make our independence from the EU a platform for economic growth.

“But it needs a plan, into which hard work and thought has gone. Policy detail. Strategic analysis. At present, there isn’t one.”

The spokesman added: “The event has nothing to do with creating a new political party. It’s an ideas conference.”

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