Tax cuts and energy bills! Boris urged to make drastic changes to save his job

Michela Morizzo shares this week’s polling results

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Exclusive polling conducted by Techne UK for asked British voters what Boris Johnson needs to do to restore faith in him as Prime Minister. More than a third (36 percent) of people said he needs to reduce energy bills, while 32 percent said he should cut taxes. This comes as the country battles a mounting cost of living crisis, with the Bank of England forecasting that the UK will see double-digit inflation and a one percent contraction in the size of the economy later this year.

Meanwhile, energy costs across the UK have skyrocketed, with the price cap rising from £1,277 to £1,971 per year in April.

The polling – conducted between June 8 and June 9 – also showed the UK public’s concern over Brexit.

A total of 12 percent of the 1,624 respondents said he needs to do more to reap the benefits of leaving the EU.

However, this response was split amongst Remain and Leave voters.

Of those who voted to leave the EU in 2016, 31 percent agreed he should do more to get the benefits of Brexit.

As little as one percent of Remain voters thought the same.

The echoes a previous poll conducted for, which saw 54 percent of respondents say the Government has not acted swiftly enough to make the most of Brexit.

In the latest polling, just two percent of respondents said the Prime Minister should carry on as he is.

A total of 16 percent said he should do nothing and resign.

But this figure was much higher among Remain voters, with 31 percent of them thinking he should resign now.

Just nine percent of leave voters agreed.

The polling comes after the Prime Minister narrowly survived a confidence vote earlier this week.

Mr Johnson won 59 percent of the vote, with 148 MPs voting against him.

While he is immune from another leadership vote for the next 12 months, he could still be forced to resign if he loses the support of his MPs.

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He has faced calls to become “more Conservative” if he wants to retain his grip on power, with many MPs calling for tax cuts.

Veteran backbencher Peter Bone told that the public “expects the Conservatives to put more money in peoples’ pockets” by cutting taxes.

He said: “I think your polling is right.

“That is exactly what people expect from a Conservative government.

“On the tax point, people expect the Conservatives to put more money in peoples’ pockets to help get through the economic crisis.

“It helps with the cost of living for the individual, but it also helps with growth in the economy, which then produces more revenue for the Government.

“And I think that’s the general position people hold – they don’t want to see the Government putting taxes up and then giving lump sums back, they prefer to have money in their own pockets and they can decide how to spend it, so I think that’s absolutely right.”

Meanwhile, former Brexit minister and leading COVID rebel Steve Baker previously told that the UK “desperately needs growth”, calling on the Government to cut taxes.

He said: “From where we are today, tax cuts will always be welcome. But can the Chancellor balance the books?

“We desperately need growth. And of course that means lower taxes.”

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