‘Taking the p***!’ Frost savaged by Remoaners for Tweet hailing victories

Brexit: Expert discusses UK’s ‘vision’ and predictions

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The former Brexit Secretary – who was key in drawing up the withdrawal agreement, took to Twitter on New Year’s Day to thank his team for all their efforts. The tense negotiations managed to stave off a no deal Brexit and saw the UK sign an 11th hour agreement with the EU.

Yesterday, Lord Frost wrote: “Huge congratulations to everyone from the British negotiating team from 2020 who received an honour this New Year.

“I’m very glad to see proper recognition for those who worked so hard and did such a brilliant job for our country. They really deserve it.”

Former Manchester United captain and vocal remainer Gary Neville responded: “Taking the p**s to the end!”



  • Britons face shortages of EU food 10:53
  • Liz Truss issued Article 16 ultimatum 07:26
  • Devolution expert claims Sturgeon COVID-19 response ‘plays very WELL’ into IndyRef2 plans

    A devolution expert has claimed that Nicola Sturgeon’s COVID-19 response could play “very well” into her plans for a second referendum on Scottish independence.

    Kevin Meagher, an expert on British and Irish politics, told GB News on Sunday that the opportunity to make different rules for Scotland compared with the rest of the UK throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has most likely aided Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP in their fight for Scottish independence.

    Asked if there is any substantial impact from the devolved powers’ ability to govern partly independently in the last two years, Mr Meagher said it is highly probable to have made a difference.

    He explained: “I think the optics of that are very clear, I think that is very much what the SNP will be hoping.”

    ‘It was a legal war!’ Fury as ex-adviser to Blair launches desperate defence of ‘great PM’

    Tony Blair’s former adviser launched into a fiery rant after struggling to defend the Labour Prime Minister receiving a knighthood.

    Former prime minister Tony Blair is to be knighted with the highest possible ranking, Buckingham Palace has said, in an announcement that coincides with the New Year Honours List.

    Sir Tony, who held the keys to Number 10 between 1997 and 2007, is appointed a Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, the oldest and most senior British Order of Chivalry.

    When discussing the Iraq war, former adviser John McTernan went on to list Sir Tony’s previous achievements.

    Fury erupts at Blair knighthood as more than 128k sign petition demanding honour STRIPPED

    Thousands of furious Britons have signed a petition to strip Sir Tony Blair of his knighthood only a matter of hours after he receives his honour.

    More than 128,000 angry Britons have signed the petition to strip the former-Prime Minister of his knighthood.

    Sir Tony has faced significant backlash over his decision to follow the United States and lead the UK into conflicts with Iraq and Afghanistan.

    These wars cost the lives of 179 British personnel as well as many more civilians.

    Priti reveals plans to target eco-mob and asylum fix in 2022

    Priti Patel has revealed her new year’s resolutions – cracking down on eco-protesters and ending the “legal merry-go-round” of asylum seeker claims.

    The Home Secretary posted a new year message on social media, saying there is “much to do” in 2022, including cracking down on activists on the country’s roads who “caused misery to the law-abiding public”.

    Ms Patel also said it is “vital” that the Government’s Police and Crime Bill passed through Parliament.

    She said: “The Bill will introduce mandatory life sentences for those who kill an emergency worker in the course of their duty.

    ‘Proud of it!’ Defiant Beaune hits back after EU flag fury – insists bloc symbol will STAY

    CLEMENT BEAUNE has hit back at furious right-wing protests after France emblazoned the EU flag over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Paris.

    French authorities removed the European Union flag from the Arc de Triomphe monument in Paris on Sunday after right-wing opponents accused the President of “erasing” French identity.

    Mr Beaune, French Secretary of State for European affairs, hit back at the backlash, saying he was “very proud” that the EU flag had flown for a few days from the Arc de Triomphe.

    He said: “Rest assured, everywhere in France, there will be, as expected, every day to come, European blue which will illuminate our cities and our monuments. And we are very proud of it!”

    NI peace architect accuses Boris of ‘casual political vandalism’ in Brexit negotiations

    An architect of peace in Ulster has accused Boris Johnson of “casual political vandalism” following negotiations between Brexit Britain and the European Union over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

    Jonathan Powell, 65, blasted Boris Johnson, 57, over Brexit negotiations with the Brussels bloc and accused the Prime Minister of putting ideological issues above the interests of people.

    Mr. Powell, who served as chief of staff to the ex-Labour leader and Prime Minister Tony Blair, 68, from 1995 to 2007, worked as UK’s Government chief negotiator on Northern Ireland during the Ulster peace process.

    Speaking about current Brexit negotiations, he warned those in Government did not understand the fragility of the Good Friday Agreement and suggested their actions could jeopardise “all the work” put into the 1998 peace deal.

    Brexit Britain victory! UK wins mega-trade surge with key partner as £8.4TN prize nears

    British exporters are enjoying a post-Brexit boom with South Korea thanks to a £620 million surge in trade, a senior Cabinet Minister has revealed.

    International Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan said there is a “huge demand” for British goods and services in the South East Asian powerhouse with exports surging by nine percent in the last year.

    Government-backed trade shows in South Korea have also helped UK businesses land deals worth more than £70 million in 2021, she said. British-made products ranging from hydrogen fuel cells and wind turbines to lifejackets and PPE will be supplied to the South Korean market through deals made at DIT-supported events in the country.

    EU hit by extra costs too! Brexiteers shoot down fears over new trade rules with bloc

    Britons have shot down fears Brexit Britain will lose out under new EU trade rules which came into force on New Year’s Day.

    Under Boris Johnson’s withdrawal agreement, some checks and declarations on goods travelling between the UK and EU had a year-long grace period.

    That ended yesterday – leading several commentators to forecast that Brexit Britain would badly lose out.

    Their comments were quickly slammed by many Express.co.uk readers – who said that the “teething problems” worked both ways.

    Mastermariner wrote: “Utter rubbish. Businessmen and women are there to do one job only. Make profit!”

    British holidaymakers to face these EU charges very soon

    British holidaymakers hoping to travel to the European Union will soon face additional charges in 2022, meaning increased costs, paperwork and preparation prior to any travel.

    The news comes as the freedom of movement rules change since Britain left the EU following Brexit.

    Travellers leaving Britain to any EU state within the Schengen Agreement will now be treated as any other non-EU nation, and hence the extra charge.

    The European Commission has confirmed travellers from the UK will be charged a £5.88 (€7) visa fee from next year and forced to pre-register their details before being allowed to enter Schengen EU nations.

    Tories ‘calculating’ whether Boris Johnson remains ‘an asset’: ‘Lost magic touch?’

    The Conservative Party are “calculating” whether Boris Johnson remains an “asset” as Prime Minister with sections of the party assessing whether he has lost his “magic touch”, claimed politics expert Geoffrey Evans.

    Mr Evans, who is a political scientist and Sociology of Politics professor at the University of Oxford claimed the Conservative party were “calculating” whether Mr Johnson remained an “asset” as party leader. 

    He told Express.co.uk: “All the people in the Conservative party at the moment are calculating how much they have to take before Boris becomes a liability rather than an asset.

    “They only really like him because he wins elections. He doesn’t have a big base in the party.”

    Boris Johnson urged to ‘finally cut shackles’ that tie UK to EU orbit

    Boris Johnson has been slammed for his handling of Brexit after he vowed to “maximise the benefits of Brexit” in 2022 as consumers were warned to brace for fresh disruption due to new rules coming into play.

    Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib has lashed out at Mr Johnson for “shirking opportunities” that leaving the EU has presented.

    Speaking to GB News, Mr Habib said: “If you ditch the trade and cooperation agreement and set the UK truly free of all the shackles in it that actually keep the UK in lunar orbit about the EU, we would be free, we would be an independent country.”

    ‘The one to finish Brexit!’ Truss backed to strike early EU deal before French elections

    Brussels is keen to wrap up its ongoing Brexit battle this year, which could signal an early win for Liz Truss, who takes over the tough negotiations from Lord David Frost.

    Political expert Marc Roche told BBC Dateline that Liz Truss could be the one to finish off the Brexit rows. 

    He said: “Liz Truss could be the one to finish Brexit because she is a pragmatist I think.

    “There is also a lot of goodwill on the European side to solve the issue of Northern Ireland and migrants because Europe wants to move on.”

    Brexit triumph as City tipped to smash FTSE 100 record – major vote of confidence in UK

    Brexit Britain is set for a major coup as the FTSE 100 could see the City of London smash records and demonstrate a vote of confidence for the economy.

    As the UK emerges from the economic dent caused by the COVID-19 virus, the FTSE 100 closed the end of the year on 7384.54 points, a tally close to its highest level in 22 months.

    This massive show of faith in British stocks has hence placed the value of the FTSE just shy of pre-pandemic levels, meaning Brexit has had little impact on the UK’s financial reputation and clout.

    Analysts at Morgan Stanley are now targeting 8,100 for the index by the end of the year.

    The FTSE is one of its top global recommendations for investors.

    ‘Buy British and you won’t need imports’ Britons urge as new EU rules kick in

    Britons have vowed to bypass EU rules and buy British goods as new post-Brexit trade barriers come into force. 

    From January 1, importers must make a full customs declaration on goods entering the UK from the EU or other countries.

    The EU red tape has sparked fears of food shortages and delays at ports during the early part of 2022.

    However, many Express.co.uk readers have been undeterred by the scaremongering.

    Britons face shortages of EU food

    Due to new import checks on goods, Britons may now be without popular EU foods such as chorizo, parma ham or Greek olives. 

    David Pavon, owner of the El Colmado deli in Brisol said: “Logistics problems have increased during the past year already because of the havoc coming into England.

    “So I imagine in January we’re going to see even more delays, because if a lorry driver needs to sit in the border for six hours or more, we will need to pay his wages.

    “We are paying customs agents in Spain and here to input the information required for import, which increases the price as well.”

    He also said prices at the deli had been increased, and will likely go up again in 2022. 

    Some UK businesses may give up after new import rules

    Philip Rycroft, who was the permanent secretary at the Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU) between 2017 and 2019, has claimed some smaller businesses may shut down following the new import checks on goods coming from the EU. 

    Speaking to BBC Radio 4, he said: “There will be teething problems but the big question is, how many businesses ultimately think: ‘Do you know what? This is just too much hassle’, and give up importing?’

    “Just as some businesses have already given up exporting because it’s not worth it.

    “Businesses exporting to the EU from the UK have already faced these rules, obviously, for the best part of a year.

    “So it’s now going to be those businesses in the UK that import from the EU that have got to deal with this, essentially, new Brexit bureaucracy.”

    Truss rival Beaune approves of pointed message hailing EU flag ‘key to our sovereignty’

    Liz Truss’ French rival has approved a provocative post on social media hailing the EU flag as the “key to our sovereignty”.

    Clement Beaune, France’s Secretary of State for European Affairs, took to Twitter and “liked” a pro-EU post shared by a French businessman.

    The tweet features an image of the famous blue and gold EU flag along with the caption: “This flag is 75 years of peace.

    “This flag is the key to our sovereignty. This flag is what allows an unprecedented recovery plan.”

    The UK left the EU a year ago today in order to restore sovereignty and wrestle back control of money, laws and borders.

    A Brexit timeline

    Although a deal was agreed in 2020, multiple issues have remained between the EU and UK. 

    Before resigning, former Brexit minister Lord Frost, had called for the removal of the European Court of Justice from the Northern Ireland protocol. 

    An agreement over the supply of medicines had also been discussed before the end of the year, while Lord Frost also called for a change to the customs regime for British exporters to Northern Ireland. 

    Bricking it! Boris humiliated as Labour clinch 16 point lead in Red Wall constituencies

    Boris Johnson’s lead over Labour in the Red Wall has all but evaporated after a new poll puts the Conservative 16 points behind Sir Keir Starmer’s party.

    Boris Johnson, 57, enters 2022 with a new opinion poll suggesting the Conservative Party could lose up to 100 Tory seats.

    If emulated at the ballot box, Sir Keir Starmer, 59, would be left on the cusp of entering No10 as Britain’s first Labour Prime Minister since Gordon Brown, 70, lost the top job in 2010.

    The Deltapoll survey found support for the Labour Party was holding firm at 40 percent.

    Mr Johnson’s Tories were five points behind on 35 percent.

    However, the Conservatives appear to have fallen even further behind in the Red Wall seats they won in the 2019 general election as the opinion poll indicated the Labour Party have opened up a 16 point lead in the Red Wall.

    Liz Truss issued Article 16 ultimatum

    Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss has been warned she must resolve the Northern Ireland protocol or the DUP may collapse Stormont, leader of the party, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson said. 

    With talks over the protocol set to resume, Sir Jeffrey warned January will be a crucial month to establish real progress on the Northern Ireland protocol. 

    He told The Daily Telegraph: “January is going to be an absolutely crucial month.

    “We need a clear date now, we need a clear timeline in which there is an expectation of real progress or the Government takes the action that is necessary.

    “It is crucial that Liz Truss moves this process forward quickly and that we get real and meaningful progress on a range of issues, not least of which is removing the checks on the movement of goods within the United Kingdom internal market.

    “If we don’t get rapid and decisive progress in these negotiations and one side or the other is kicking the can down the road, this will have major implications for the stability of the political institutions in Northern Ireland.”

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