‘Support is rising!’ Sturgeon to unveil new independence referendum plans ‘within weeks’

Sturgeon grilled over strict Covid rules as Scotland rate exposed

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Nicola Sturgeon said earlier this month she is prepared to do “everything that is within my power” to ensure a second Scottish independence referendum is secured. Speaking to the BBC on Sunday, the First Minister confirmed her Government will set out the timings for the introduction of legislation paving the way to a new poll “within weeks.” BBC host Sophie Raworth suggested backing for leaving the UK should be higher than 50 percent before being considered.

An Ipsos More survey on support for Scottish independence conducted in December put the Yes vote at 55 percent.

Ms Sturgeon said: “I’m just I’m laughing, not at the question, [but] reflecting the fact that if you told me when I was a much younger politician, that one day 50 percent support for independence would be seen as some kind of failure I would have grabbed that with both hands.

“Support for independence, I believe is rising.

“I think when Scotland comes to choose, we will choose independence, not just because of the current occupant in Number 10.

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“But what that is illustrating very powerfully is the fact that Scotland too often ends up with things imposed upon us – Brexit, for example, or being governed by people and by parties that we don’t choose.”

Ms Sturgeon continued: “And all of that is the price of not being independent.

“Being independent is not some magic wand that takes away all challenges that we will face, but it puts our destiny, our fate, our future in our own hands

“I believe that’s what people in Scotland will choose when they get the opportunity.”


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