Sturgeon warned: SNP ‘big hitters’ issued threat from Scottish Tories as election looms

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Tony Miklinski, a Scottish Conservative Party councillor told that Mr Ross has a track record of bringing down SNP big hitters. Douglas Ross replaced Jackson Carlaw as the leader of the Scottish Conservative Party in August 2020. 

Mr Miklinski said: “I think Douglas Ross is going to be an excellent leader.

“Frankly, I do not think Jackson Carlaw was the right man.

“He was the best of the ones put forward and I voted for him but with his age and particular style, I don’t think he was a great successor for Ruth Davidson.

“Those were always going to be a tough pair of shoes to fill.

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“Douglas Ross being much younger brings a much fresher, energetic face.

“He has fought great campaigns, he has brought down big hitters in the SNP.

“I think that he will be a really good leader of the party and revive our fortunes.”

During the same interview, the Scottish Tory councillor for Cupar stated that the SNP’s dominance of domestic politics in Scotland has to change and added it is not healthy that they have been in power for over a decade.      

Mr Miklinski said: “We must deprive the SNP of a majority.

“We have got to improve on our current position even by a few seats to make sure that the balance of power is not with the SNP.

“They have been in power for far too long, the surrounding bureaucracy and civil service has been in the same political ambit for over a decade, it is not healthy.


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“Democracy demands that you have changes in government from time to time and that includes Conservatives by the way.”

He continued: “Things have to change, there needs to be a different perspective, we have got to improve on our opposition.

“I think it is going to be impossible to do what we once hoped we could do which was replace them, but we need to take a step in that direction.

“That is what we should be targeting.”  

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